In The Snow (2)

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In The Snow
Event Hollow Eve Festival 439, Hollow Eve Festival 443
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Clothing shops
This store only accepts Kronars


[In The Snow, Outerwear]
Plain white wainscotting runs along the walls, dividing the white plastered top from the blue painted bottom. Oak planks provide the floor which has a number of racks painted in various shades of blue scattered across it. Iron sconces hold gaethzen spheres which illuminate the room and the merchandise displayed on the racks.
You also see a large sign and a blue and white painted door.
Obvious exits: none.

A large sign reads:
"Our outerwear is designed to be both protective and fashionable.

It can do a variety of unique things.

Some of those things will differ depending on the weather."
On the indigo rack
Item Price Done
burgundy quilted silk cloak trimmed with braid 112,500   
white bear pelt mantle lined with black satin 687,500   
storm grey wool mantle with a silver clasp 93,750   
goldweave mantle with a carved sunstar jasper clasp 562,500   
On the azure rack
Item Price Done
azure oceanmist satin mantle embroidered with gold threads 4,375,000   
black gemfire velvet cloak trimmed with meshor fox fur 4,375,000   
pale lavender petalette cloak embroidered with periwinkles 3,125,000   
silveress cloak lined with pure white shadesatin 8,125,000   
dragonfire brocade cloak with black cire lining 6,875,000   
crimson seasilk mantle with a contrasting alabaster lining 4,375,000   
celadon dragonar mantle trimmed with meshor fox fur 4,375,000   
bluefire velvet cloak lined with cloth of silver 4,375,000   
On the blue rack
Item Price Done
deep blue starlight velvet mantle with an embroidered hemline 3,000,000   
pale grey scalene cloak with a snake-shaped clasp 3,750,000   
scarlet camlet mantle embroidered with gold flames 875,000   
blue sapphire icesilk cloak trimmed with gold braid 437,500   
shimmering lava samite cloak with crimson fur trim 5,000,000   
On the cyan rack
Item Price Done
green punka cloak with black braid trimming 1,875,000   
forest green farandine mantle embroidered with silver ivy 625,000   
cream Elven wool cloak lined with pale blue satin 750,000   
silverweave cloak with platinum clasps 625,000   
cream wool cloak trimmed with black fur 62,500