All the King's Men (2)

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All The King's Men
Event Hollow Eve Festival 439, Hollow Eve Festival 443
# of Rooms 7
Store Type Clothing shops
This store only accepts Kronars


[All The King's Men, Entrance]
Opulent tapestries ring the walls of the spacious vestibule, while thick plush rugs blanket the gleaming wooden floors. Low benches of polished deobar wood flank the entry flap. One lone table stands in the middle of the carpeted floor, a branching candelabra positioned carefully on a pristine white tablecloth.
You also see a gilt branching candelabra with beeswax candles, a deobar table covered with a pristine white tablecloth and a tapestry tent flap trimmed with tassels.
Obvious exits: south.


[All The King's Men, Hats]
Plush pile carpets dyed in swirls of white and light purple cover the floor, hiding the waxed wood from view. Thin amethyst-colored silken curtains isolate the space from the remainder of the tent. Hats are piled in profusion on polished rowan wood tables and stands.

Obvious exits: east, southeast.

On the rowan table
Item Price Done
russet brown felt hat with a white ostrich plume 125,000   
tall brown bearskin hat with gold tassels and chinstrap 125,000   
deep blue camlet fedora with a pale blue watersilk hatband 250,000   
mottled-brown turtleplait cap with a matching brim 500,000   
elegant yellow straw boater with a black and white gingham hatband 62,500   


[All The King's Men, Shirts]
Silken gauze curtains dyed in jewel-tones partition the interior of the tent into smaller sections. Surrounding this section are delicate drapes in pale blue-greens the color of aquamarines. Gleaming white ash racks and tables hold brilliantly colored wares.

Obvious exits: north, south, northwest.

On the ash rack
Item Price Done
plum-colored doeskin shirt 62,500   
cerulean silk shirt with an upright collar 62,500   
flax-colored seasilk shirt long gathered sleeves 2,625,000   
alabaster white formal linen shirt with a wing collar 125,000   
On the ash table
Item Price Done
poppy-red wool shirt with whitework embroidery 25,000   
crisp cream batiste shirt with blackwork embellishment 62,500   
peacock-blue cendal shirt with a laced yoke 62,500   
golden yellow watersilk shirt with gold buttons 125,000   


[All The King's Men, Pants]
Opulent rugs of thick wool completely cover the ground, allowing patrons to browse in comfort. Folded pants are stacked on the aromatic cedarwood tables and counters. Wispy curtains of translucent emerald-green silk screen the area from the rest of the tent.

Obvious exits: north, southeast, south, southwest.

On the cedarwood table
Item Price Done
pair of loose jade green silk pantaloons 37,500   
pair of black wool pants with turned up cuffs 37,500   
pair of charcoal grey seasilk pants 3,750,000   
On the cedarwood counter
Item Price Done
lightweight cream wool trousers with a pleated front 37,500   
pair of tailored cream linen pants 37,500   
pale grey dergatine trousers 875,000   


[All The King's Men, Cloaks]
Intricately figured cocobolo wood racks and wardrobes display a profusion of brilliantly colored wares. Amber-colored sheer silken drapes delineate the section of the tent devoted to cloaks and other outerwear. Deep yellow wool pile carpets muffle all sounds of movement.

Obvious exits: north, east, west.

On the cocobolo wardrobe
Item Price Done
blue-grey steelsilk cloak trimmed black braid 937,500   
buff brown camlet cloak with a bisque silk lining 750,000   
jade green brocade cloak with a golden knotwork clasp 62,500   
On the cocobolo rack
Item Price Done
dark wine-colored wool cloak trimmed with black braid 62,500   
midnight black velvet cloak with a matching satin lining 62,500   
dark chestnut brown zibeline cloak trimmed with wolverine fur 150,000   


[All The King's Men, Doublets]
Fine-grained teak shelves and stands set out the luxurious offerings on sale. Wispy fabric drapes the shade of watermelon tourmaline help to section off this area from the rest of the commodious tent. Flooring of dark teak covers the floor, its surface almost totally concealed beneath the fuchsia-colored plush carpets.

Obvious exits: northeast, east.

On the teak stand
Item Price Done
dragonfire brocade doublet with carved flamewood buttons 6,250,000   
padded lava samite doublet trimmed with gold braid 6,250,000   
long white duchess satin doublet lined with alabaster silk 6,250,000   
cobalt blue wool doublet with puffed and slashed sleeves 62,500   


[All The King's Men, Shoes]
Burnished lunat wood stands and racks stand in the center of a midnight blue wool rug covering the matching plank floor. Shoes and boots in a myriad of styles grace the polished surfaces. Wispy draperies dyed a deep sapphire blue section the area off from the rest of the tent.

Obvious exits: west, northwest.

On the lunat rack
Item Price Done
pair of polished brown leather boots with low ebony heels 125,000   
brown leather thigh boots with turned over cuffs 125,000   
somber black leather boots laced with dark grey silk cords 125,000   !!
pair of black leather dress shoes with sliver buckles 125,000   !!
polished dark brown leather shoes with silver toecaps 125,000   !!