Home for the Fireplace

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Home for the Fireplace
Event Hollow Eve Festival 439
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Housing shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[Home for the Fireplace, Showroom]
Exhibited back to back in the center of the room are a number of displays of the various fireplaces available in the shop. More are set against the paneled walls. You also see a soot-stained door and a furniture merchant.
Obvious exits: none

ask merchant about furniture
Item Price Done
black brickwork fireplace with a red-tile lined firebox - fireplace 100,000   
elegant alabaster fireplace with matching urns - fireplace 1,000,000   
wide white plastered fireplace with a narrow mantel - fireplace 10,000   
fieldstone fireplace with an oak mantel - fireplace 10,000   
red brick fireplace with a brass fender in front - fireplace 10,000   
malachite-faced fireplace with gilt trim - fireplace 1,000,000   
carved marble fireplace with a wrought iron grate - fireplace 100,000   
colorful tile fireplace with a forest design - fireplace 100,000