Now And Trader

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Now And Trader
Event Hollow Eve Festival 439, Hollow Eve Festival 443
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Trader shops
Restrictions Trader
This store only accepts Kronars

[Now And Trader, Salesfloor]
Frames on the walls display drawings of the various customization options available, each one labeled with the basic information on the stock. Brightly polished brass lanterns hang from the ceiling, illuminating the plastered walls and well-swept floors.
You also see a busy attendant, a large notice and a green-painted circular hatch edged with copper trim.
Obvious exits: none.

A large notice reads:

"Attention: Please understand that the Guild will allow you surfaces within your personal space, 
but regulations currently prohibit you from making use of those spaces.  Until such time as new regulations 
are established, any purchased containers are merely decorative in nature.  Or else.  We hope you understand."
[OOC: 'Container' items will not actually hold items at this time, but *may* at some future point.  
They are labeled as such in case future support is added.]
Item Price Done
1. a banded iron lockbox chained to the floor - small sized object, container 250,000   
2. a battered oak rolltop desk covered with paperwork - large sized object, container 250,000   
3. a label-covered trunk with leather straps - medium sized object, container 100,000   
4. a polished cherrywood table inlaid with silver - large sized object, container 150,000   
5. a large parchment map set in a carved wooden frame - medium sized object 150,000   
6. an auburn oval rug worked from plush wool - medium sized object 150,000   
7. a multi-colored wool rug with white fringe - medium sized object 150,000   
8. a battered oak chair with a ladder back - medium sized object 50,000   
9. a carved wooden chair with padded armrests - medium sized object 100,000   
10. a polished brass lantern with a glass chimney - medium sized object 10,000   
11. a green-painted circular door edged with copper trim - door 250,000   
12. an iron-banded door with three hinges - door 250,000   
13. a sturdy oak door with a brass-framed peephole - door 250,000   
14. a simple wooden footstool - small sized object 10,000   
15. a dented brass spittoon - small sized object 10,000   
16. a sprawling pile of leather-covered ledgers - small sized object 10,000   
17. a leaning stack of books - small sized object 10,000