Rolling Table Dyes

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Rolling Table Dyes
Event Hollow Eve Festival 439
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Outfitting shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[Andreshlew, Lithralia Street]
A group of Gor'Tog men work at unpacking a sizable stack of wooden crates filled with goods belonging to mainland traders. The bustling area is filled with garish merchant displays meant to attract customers and loosen moneybelts.
You also see a rolling table with several things on it and a sandstone hall.
Obvious paths: south, west.

On the rolling table
Item Price Done
lustrous amethystine dye 2,500   
buffed cinnamon dye 2,500   
brilliant cobalt dye 2,500   
sparkling Rissan-orange dye 2,500   
burnt copper dye 2,500   
tawny brown dye 2,500   
bright lime-green dye 2,500   
iridescent magenta dye 2,500   
brilliant crimson dye 2,500   
rich taffelberry-black dye 2,500   
silvery indigo dye 2,500   
smokey sable dye 2,500   
light amethyst dye 2,500   
slate blue dye 2,500   
dark forest-green dye 2,500   
A large notecard reads:
Each vial contains dye sufficient for coloring 10 items!
These are all dyes for Outfitting use