Bought The Farm

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Bought The Farm
Event Hollow Eve Festival 439, Hollow Eve Festival 443
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Toy shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[Bought The Farm, Front Room]
Broad planks cover the walls, their surfaces and edges only roughly finished. Bits of straw are strewn across the floor, escapees from the bales used to display some of the shop's wares. More planks are cobbled together with some poles to form a rickety shelf that displays further merchandise.
You also see a miniature poultry shack with a stuffed red fox covered with plush velvet on it and a barn door.
Obvious exits: none.

In the poultry shack
Item Price Done
yellow-green soft gosling covered in grey-green wool 37,500   
petite stuffed goose with grey flannel wings 37,500   
miniature white gander with bright yellow legs 37,500   
fluffy miniature duckling covered in yellow-green velvet 37,500   
tiny stuffed duck covered in white flannel 37,500   
diminutive white drake with yellow wooden legs 37,500   
tiny black and white mottled chicken 37,500   
miniature red rooster with a crimson leather comb 37,500   
stuffed red fox covered with plush velvet 37,500   
On the rickety shelf
Item Price Done
white tiny fluffy goat covered with long silken threads 37,500   
tiny brown and white spotted goat 37,500   
small brown goat with twisted wooden horns 37,500   
tiny shaved sheep with a grey flannel body 37,500   
tiny fluffy black sheep covered with dyed wool 37,500   
petite white sheep with a black felt face 37,500   
On the hay bale
Item Price Done
tiny golden horse with a white silken mane and tail 37,500   
plush spotted pig splotched with black and white 37,500   
petite dappled horse with black leather hooves 37,500   
plush spotted horse with a string mane and tail 37,500   
little stuffed black horse with a yarn mane and tail 37,500   
petite stuffed boar with tiny ivory tusks 37,500   
tiny pink pig with a curled yarn tail 37,500   
plush shaggy cow with long felt horns 37,500   
soft dappled cow with large chocolate brown eyes 37,500   
tiny multi-colored cow with a yarn tail 37,500