Wrath of the Storm (2)

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Wrath of the Storm
Event Hollow Eve Festival 439, Hollow Eve Festival 443
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Cambrinth shops, Clothing shops, Container shops, Jewelry shops, Weapon shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[Wrath of the Storm, Salesroom]
Dark grey banners hang on the indigo walls, portraying choppy seas tossing about a hapless ship. The floor is painted a slate-blue, the same shade as a storm-tossed sea. Gaethzen orbs dimly light the small room, casting an eerie and muted glow throughout the cramped space.
You also see a grey door, a dark steel stand with several things on it, an abyssal blue shelf with several things on it and a storm-grey table with several things on it.
Obvious exits: none.

On the steel stand
Item Price Done
dark grey greatcloak crafted from supple sharkskin 100,000   
pitch black greatcloak accented down the hems with silver rivets 62,500   
blood red greatcloak embroidered with the silhouette of a brine shark 75,000   
stormy grey greatcloak stitched with a pattern of gathering stormclouds 87,500   
thin purple cloak stitched with a shipwreck lost in an abyssal trench 100,000   
deep red cloak hemmed at the edges with a golden wave pattern 75,000   
off white cloak stitched with an alternating pattern of shark's teeth 662,500   
storm grey cloak decorated with a pattern of choppy waves 687,500   
storm grey wool greatcloak lined with pale blue satin 100,000   
pale grey seasilk greatcloak with bright pink braided trim 9,375,000   
On the blue shelf
Item Price Done
cambrinth tailband shaped into a cloud eel eating its tail 100,000   
stormy dark cambrinth orb accented with glass droplets 150,000   
cambrinth brine shark 150,000   
wide cambrinth anklet accented with a row of oceanic waterspouts 225,000   
thick cambrinth ring molded into a sinuous cloud eel 187,500   
wide cambrinth bracelet carved with a floundering sailing ship 250,000   
flat-topped cambrinth ring with a stylized shark on the bezel 187,500   
engraved cambrinth armband carved into a twisting kraken's arm 500,000   
circular cambrinth anklet shaped like a row of waves 225,000   
On the storm-grey table
Item Price Done
blackened steel scythe etched along the blade with dark storm clouds 75,000   
fine steel halberd etched with a wave pattern down the haft 87,500   
fine ebonwood quarterstaff wrapped with an ivory cloud eel 100,000   
double-edged battle axe with its haft carved into a cloud eel 93,750   
wide-edged steel broadsword with a round hollow carved into the blade 112,500   
iron captain's scimitar with a blackened blade 125,000   
dark iron rapier with a tear-shaped hollow in the crossguard 125,000   
darkened steel stiletto with a round pommel 175,000   
curved boarding cutlass with an etched blade 175,000