Quick Bite (3)

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A Quick Bite
Event Hollow Eve Festival 439, Hollow Eve Festival 443
Owner Mitola
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Container shops, Ranger shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[A Quick Bite, Salesroom]
Something keeps this room perpetually chilly, almost the temperature of an icehouse on a summer day. Gleaming metal walls contrast with the warmth of the hand-polished wooden racks displaying the shop's wares. A butcher block counter stands in one corner.
You also see a steel door and a small sign.
Obvious exits: none

A small sign reads:
"We have recently been able to secure more of the freezer boxes for sale, and herewith offer them for sale.  Our new merchandise holds 1 piece of meat, but unlike previous offerings, it will prevent all decay while the meat is stored in the box.  Please note that some of the boxes are designed to be worn in other locations than a belt. - Mitola"

On the walnut rack
Item Price Done
cream box with an apple-shaped clasp 750,000   
dingy nickel box with a lightning bolt clasp 750,000   
wiirwood box with a flower clasp 750,000   
colorful box decorated with a camouflage pattern 750,000   
sea-green box with a leaf-shaped clasp 750,000   
charcoal box with a knot-shaped clasp 750,000   
icesteel box with a snowflake-shaped clasp 5,000,000   
polished zingana box with a butterfly-shaped clasp 1,000,000   
polished gloomwood box trimmed with gold bands 775,000   
simple iron box with a plain hook clasp 750,000   

On the maple rack
Item Price Done
steel box with a knotwork clasp 750,000   
magenta box fastened with a purple leather strap 750,000   
rawhide-covered box with a brass clasp 750,000   
oak box carved with oak leaves 750,000   
cobalt box with an iron clasp 750,000   
scarlet box with a cast iron clasp 750,000   
plain pine box covered with stenciled cats 750,000   
polished silverwood box with a copper clasp 750,000   

On the pine rack
Item Price Done
burlap-covered box with a plain hooked clasp 750,000   
tawny gold box with an enameled clasp 750,000   
copperwood box with a platinum clasp 750,000   
linen-covered box with a copper clasp 750,000   
pitch-black painted box with an enameled clasp 750,000   
russet-colored box painted with autumn leaves 750,000   
carved birch box with an enameled leaf clasp 750,000   
carved teak box with brass hinges 750,000