Svenblum's Annex

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Svenblum's Annex
Event Hollow Eve Festival 439, Hollow Eve Festival 443
Owner Svenblum
# of Rooms 3
Store Type Toy shops, Weapon shops, Container shops
This store only accepts Kronars

Inner Child

[Svenblum's Annex, Inner Child]
The soothing scent of cedar fills the room while oil lanterns fill the area with brightness. In the center of the room is a black walnut burl that appears to be a makeshift workstation. Various shaping tools, knives, and wood shavings clutter the burl. Flanking it are some wooden benches with items for sale.
You also see a wagon door.
Obvious exits: east.

On the chestnut bench
Item Price Done
black and white spotted hobbyhorse 187,500   
pure white unicorn hobbyhorse with blue painted eyes 187,500   
bright pink seahorse hobbyhorse covered with sequins 187,500   
flame-red dinnshencha hobbyhorse with a crimson yarn mane 187,500   
pale grey donkey hobbyhorse with long felt ears 187,500   
white storm goose hobbyhorse with a yellow felt beak 187,500   
On the maple bench
Item Price Done
steel kaleidoscope painted with a mermaid riding a large crimson seahorse 62,500   
bronze kaleidoscope layered with multi-colored glass 62,500   
carved smokewood kaleidoscope decorated with an abstract design 3,125,000   
polished zingana kaleidoscope carefully lacquered against damage 75,0000   

Play Corner

[Svenblum's Annex, Play Corner]
This corner of the wagon appears to have been designed with a child in mind. Some wooden shelves filled with woodcarvings line the walls while a small reed basket nests in multi-colored throw pillows. A small teak burl sits in the middle of the area with an unpainted doll house resting on top.
You also see a delicate lemonwood table with a few things on it.
Obvious exits: east, west.

On the lemonwood table
Item Price Done
maple toy box shaped like a blue-green sea turtle 93,750   
shellacked cedar toy box 37,500   
polished walnut toy box with a soldier painted on the lid 37,500   
On the hickory shelf
Item Price Done
pine rock troll figurine 5,000   
carved black leucro figurine 5,000   
carved gargoyle figurine made from ebonwood 5,000   
carved ring-necked gidii figurine made from walnut 5,000   
carved water sprite figurine made from ironwood 5,000   
carved fire sprite figurine made from cherrywood 5,000   
carved storm goose figurine made from ashwood 5,000   
On the birch shelf
Item Price Done
Rathan soldier figurine carved from maplewood 5,000   
Surlaeian soldier figurine carved from elmwood 5,000   
Rissan soldier figurine carved from willow 5,000   
Zoluren infantryman figurine carved from ironwood 5,000   
Zoluren sailor figurine carved from ironwood 5,000   
Therengian cavalryman figurine carved from redwood 5,000   
Ilithian soldier figurine carved from fir 5,000   
Therengian infantryman figurine carved from redwood 5,000   
Zoluren cavalryman figurine carved from ironwood 5,000   


[Svenblum's Annex, Cubbyhole]
The main embellishment in this shadowy corner of the workroom is a standing silverwillow burl. An overhead lantern provides just enough light to view the various wooden shelves on the walls.

Obvious exits: west.

On the redwood shelf
Item Price Done
black badge stamped with, "Death happens!" 2,500   
simple white badge stitched with, "It ain't easy bein' green!" 25,00   
gold-colored badge embroidered with, "Leth runs circles around its guests!" 2,500   
orange badge stamped with, "Dirge: Elanthia's Hot Spot!" 2,500   
red badge embroidered with, "Arthe Dale is the berriest place to be!" 2,500   
On the ironwood shelf
Item Price Done
pink pinwheel stamped with multi-colored tarts 3,750   
sea-green pinwheel painted with various marine life 3,750   
silver and gold metallic pinwheel with alternating dragons and griffins 3,750   
On the elm shelf
Item Price Done
pot-bellied Gor'Tog marionette 25,000   
striped clown marionette with a red ball on its nose 25,000   
snow white furry snowbeast marionette 25,000   
colorful soldier marionette 25,000