Limited Treasures (4)

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Limited Treasures
Event Hollow Eve Festival 439
Owner Gortik
# of Rooms 2
Store Type Miscellaneous shops
This store only accepts Kronars


[Limited Treasures, Lounge]
Plush white carpet covers the floor from wall to wall, contrasting with the dark polished metal that creates them. A pair of overstuffed black chairs sit to either side of a long charcoal-hued couch covered in throw pillows. More pillows of various colors are scattered upon the floor giving customers a choice for seating. A silversteel door stands across the room from a curtained archway of the same metal.
You also see a curtained silversteel archway.
Obvious exits: none.

Sales Floor

[Limited Treasures, Sales Floor]
Polished to a gleam, dark metal covers the walls, ceiling, and floor save for a spot in the very center of the room where a silversteel stand sits upon a white velvet rug trimmed in silver. A steel candle-covered chandelier is suspended exactly above it, the lights glimmering across all the metal surfaces.
You also see a curtained silversteel archway and a large sign edged with blackened moonsilver.
Obvious exits: none.

A large sign edged with blackened moonsilver reads:

"Items sold here are limited in total sales.  New items will be restocked throughout the festival at RANDOM times.

Each Family is limited to FIVE purchases during the festival.  

Choose carefully.  There will be no refunds."
On a silversteel stand (LIMITED ITEMS)
Item Price Done
billowing matte black judicial robes 937,500   !!
classic Yavash-red smoking jacket with black satin lapels - Contains: a sophisticated gloomwood pipe with a large onyx bowl and a comfortable black velvet house slippers 1,687,500   !!
dragon skull carved from adderwood and set with slitted sulfur-yellow eyes - Contains: a black leather tunic trimmed with dragonar bearing scorch and claw marks and some imposing dragonwood horns sinuously twisting to scorched black points 1,875,000   !!
stark black devotional bag secured by a worn silken cord - Contains: a sacrosanct glaes staff crowned with a malevolent scorpion diamond and some black prayer beads displaying eerie dragon's eye rubies 31,250,000   !!
legionnaire's sling bag tailored from pristine white dragonar - Contains: a vicious kertig greatsword with 'Divine Justice' emblazoned down the blade and a holy warrior's ceremonial standard edged in lustrous goldweave 32,500,000   !!
dark oilskin butcher's bag with "Parts" spelled out in stained demonbone beads - Contains: a eerie bone wyvern pendant with skeletal cambrinth wings and lurid purple eyes 1,875,000   !!
flowing mra'sin of cobalt marblesilk belted by a silverweave cord - Contains: a colorful storyplait capelet clasped with a brilliant ruby heartsblood trillium 1,812,500   !!
dark madun gamantang with polished dragonvein agate buttons - Contains: a Velakan linen uaro's'sugi streaked with all the hues of a desert nightfall 2,500,000   !!
Katamba-black shadesatin odaj secured with a howlite varna - Contains: a long rawhide cord dangling a polished darkstone disc and a glossy howlite varna grasping a Katamba-black onyx sphere 9,375,000   !!
armure battle gown flaunting an array of ice sapphires and fire agates 5,375,000   !!
hollow icosahedron of melded Katamba's spire quills and silvery black animite 4,687,500   !!
twining cassava root anklet scattered with heliotrope blossoms 4,312,500   !!
iridescent green leather belt secured with an ornate tomiek clasp - Contains: a wide tomiek ring inlaid with iridescent green stura atulave and some black leather ankle boots with polished tomiek endcaps 5,937,500   !!
forest-green madun greatcloak with silverweave detailing - Contains: a rakish flat cap of sable madun pinned with small haralun tokens and some knee-high boots of azure merrows hide 3,750,000   !!
finely tailored bourde trousers sporting subtle pleats - Contains: a tawny brown shoes with classic leather piping enwreathing the vamp and a russet button-down uzil shirt clasped at the cuffs with lava sphalerites 5,000,000   !!
austere kimono of sable Longleaf lotusweave with a goldweave sash - Contains: a gleaming sungold shesegri ferroniere suspending a vengeance ruby solitaire 49,375,000   
shadesatin coat embroidered with overlapping leaves in rich forest-green - Contains: a pair of dark mahogany brown leather pants and a long chain of carved wooden links supporting a large faceted sana'ati heart 5,937,500   !!
intricately woven berry picking basket with polished glitvire handles - Contains: a long-stemmed glitvire pipe with a taffelberry-shaped bowl and a glossy glitvire footbrush with a heartstring-lace wrapped handle 3,125,000   !!
triangular serpentine mask wrapped in carmine wyvern-hide 1,062,500   !!
snarling seordmaor mask of shredded madun fur scattered with tursa scales 1,562,500   !!
monstrous clown mask displaying a ghastly grin 937,500   !!
iridescent bouquet of swirling charoite hummingbirds limned in blue gold 5,000,000   !!
swarm of kelpzyte horseflies with dark amber antennae 4,687,500   !!
herd of brawny Zeharca horses carved from chaos chalcedonies 6,250,000   !!
exquisite cream silk gown with sungold chains draped low across the back 36,875,000   !!
lustrous evening gown sheathed in imbricated gold scales - Contains: a ornately scaled burnished gold choker inlaid with brilliant lava sphalerites 4,312,500   !!
dragonfire brocade satchel clasped with a vengeance ruby - Contains: a dragonfire brocade bodice accented by vengeance rubies capped in orichalcum and a dragonfire brocade riding skirt embellished with delicate orichalcum chains 25,625,000   !!
haphazard assortment of fractured glaes bones leaking blood-red glitter 2,687,500   !!
faded ink fractal 312,500   !!
trio of loimic rings strung with pearlescent Grahzir-white moonstones 3,937,500   !!
virile demonscale fighting pants studded with silversteel spikes - Contains: a simple white cotton shirt and a massive beer stein of double stout beer infused with ghost pepper 2,450,000   
chic starlight velvet shopkeeper's pack with a baroque loimic clasp - Contains: some tiny ulhari prism constellations 10,625,000   !!
nondescript jacket with a shadowy eagle imprinted on the sleeve - Contains: some tawny doeskin stalking boots with sturdy jade-green soles and a rugged leather archer's armguard lined with emerald jadeleaf cloth 1,437,500   !!
cross-wrapped ruven of ice-veined leather draped with an anjisis-studded belt - Contains: a twisting diadem of windsteel filigree tethering a tempest sapphire and a dark sapphire icesilk sochi clasped by a gleaming anjisis snowdrop 6,875,000   !!
formal charcoal-grey steelsilk robe pinned with a windsteel seven-pointed star - Contains: dried khor'vela leaf strung on a braided leather cord 4,375,000   !!
inventor's toolbag affixed with a peculiar assembly of spiritwood cogs - Contains: pair of glossy wire-rimmed spectacles set with kuwinite-infused Gnomish kocho 1,562,500   
inky dergatine gown flaunting a mermaid skirt sculpted from raven feathers - Contains: a ravishing half-mask created from duchess satin and iridescent black feathers and a sleek feathered purse secured by a silversteel strap 71,875,00   !!
provocative black dress flaunting elaborate blackened moonsilver beading - Contains: some heart-shaped vengeance rubies wrapped in blackened moonsilver chains and some sinister blackened moonsilver finger claws inlaid with dendritic opals 52,812,500   
pig-sized schooner brandishing a pirate flag and plush miniature cannons 312,500   !!
polished greenheart hair spike crowned by a delicate avene hex lily 937,500   !!
silky brunette wig with a riot of curls tamed by sleek khor'vela hairpins 1,312,500   !!
chalky bone ash 562,500   !!
lady's armure walking coat finely tailored with exquisite icesteel fastenings - Contains: an elegant icesilk top hat accented by a fine veil dotted with frost opals 6,750,000   !!
sophisticated dusky blue frock coat trimmed with luxurious ermine fur - Contains: a stylish dusky blue winter boots cuffed with ermine fur 7,437,500   !!
ice sapphires sparkling in shades of glacial blue 937,500   !!
ghastly pale wraithbone mask with buttons for eyes and its mouth sewn shut 1,187,500   !!
tailored navy cire jacket marred by tears and rope scars along the back - Contains: pair of fashionable cire trousers smeared with mud and bloodstains 3,125,000   !!
shredded snowflake tulle skirt marred by bloody handprints at the hem - Contains: a raggedly torn winterweave corset stained with dark blood at the shoulders and a clawed winterweave mask dappled with ice sapphires 7,812,500   !!
dark headdress of eerily twisted demonbone horns studded with abyssal quartz 1,000,000   !!
ebony bloodlace birdcage veil dappled with absinthe emeralds 36,250,00   !!
weighted black gold chain linked to several hoops 937,500   !!
soft lilac pinafore with a short flared plaid skirt over flirty petticoats - Contains: a series of lilac diamond studs linked by a delicate green gold thorny vine 5,312,500   !!
glittery whisperlayne tutu overlaid with iridescent emerald and violet cire - Contains: some iridescent green dragonfly wings edged in shimmery lavender hues and a twisted tyrium crown with jagged branch-like spires tipped in spring emeralds 14,062,500   !!
eye-catching whisperlayne moth wings tinted in soft sunset hues 2,187,500   !!
articulated clockwork wings cleverly fabricated from firestained electrum 11,250,000   
series of razor-sharp obsidian half-circles inlaid with aldamdin lettering 1,125,000   !!
firestained clockwork cats with brilliant eyes of icy blue rivertears 4,062,500   !!
mottled grey sharkskin seabag wrapped in ivory netting - Contains some polished whale bone spikes tipped with aldamdin shark teeth and a scorched black raekhlo ?   !!
scorched silk sorcerer's sack secured by a silversteel snap - Contains a conflagration of vengeance ruby flames dappled with molten-core diamonds ?   !!
miner's steelsilk lootsack clasped with a miniature Dwarven iron pickaxe - Contains a savage Dwarven iron tunneler's axe with a twisted mikkhalbamar haft and a Dwarven iron beard cuff set with an uncut svelae 9,375,000   !!
claw-scarred battle odaj of dark demonscale 1,875,000   
curious array of burnished loimic cogs inlaid with prismatic stura atulave beads 2,812,500   
inky thornweave rucksack debossed with a luminous blued moonsilver dragon - Contains a twining Urrem'tier bloodvine bracer wrought of shimmering verdant moonsilver 75,000,000   !!
huntsman's greatcloak of night-black punka subtly patterned with shadowy leaves - Contains: a dark bourde shirt with dendritic shading and forest's heart garnet buttons and a pair of dark hunting boots with sturdy kertig grommets and rawhide laces 13,500,000   !!
rogue's multi-pocketed duffel tailored from shadesatin - Contains a rugged leather tactical boots with silvery-black grommets 5,000,000   
tantalizing ebony duchess satin gown with a dramatically high collar - Contains a wide filigree choker of blackened moonsilver inlaid with large nightfire opals and some heavy blackened moonsilver earrings cradling nightfire opals 15,625,000   !!
dark punka pants with sturdy fastenings of blackened bone - Contains a wyvern-hide bracer decorated with a whirling figure wielding chakrel weapons and some well-oiled stomping boots with skull-shaped darkstone toecaps 4,375,000   !!
oversized minstrel's satchel crafted from treasureweave - Contains some gleaming musical notes carved from faceted rainbow sapphires and a dark stein filled with frothy oatmeal stout 23,750,000   !!
dark scalene lootsack secured with a black gold cobra-shaped clasp - Contains a dark wirework earcuff wrapped around a cushion-cut shadow emerald 6,187,500   !!
makeshift crown cleverly crafted from broken lockpicks and colored glass 3,937,500   !!
starlit galaxies created from eerie spectrolite and dazzling ulhari prisms 18,750,000   !!
shattered porcelain doll mask 937,500   !!
ruffled tutu dress of misty grey spun glitter streaked with black - Contains a pair of tattered spiderweb wings dappled with Xibar topazes and some knee-high combat boots with dramatically thick soles 6,875,000   !!
rapacious lion cloak with savage sungold fangs - Contains a pride of sungold lions with fiery lava sphalerite eyes and some ferocious sungold finger claws tipped with molten-core diamonds 90,312,500   
striking autumnal gown with marquisette skirts shaded in rich tones of amber - Contains a finely tailored peacoat of soft cashmere with smoky dwalgim buttons and some bronze suede ankle boots with intricately whorled glitvire heels 13,125,000   !!