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Event Hollow Eve Festival 439
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Container shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[Plunderdome, Salesroom]
Whitewashed walls circle the bare pine floor. Hanging from the ceiling is a circular iron lamp that holds gaethzen spheres that illuminate the room with a clear bright light. Shelves, racks, and stands display the merchandise while shop clerks circulate and restock any sold-out items.
You also see a simple sign and a tall door.
Obvious exits: none

A simple sign reads:

"Welcome, visitors and shoppers!  The inventory here all functions like lootpouches, lootbags, etc.  They hold 30 items.

The items on the pine rack are arm-worn.
The pine shelf items are worn attached to the belt.
The items on the pine stand are thigh-worn.
The walnut stand has items ankle-worn items.
The walnut shelf has tail-worn containers.

Surely something for everyone's needs!  Shop well and often!"
On the pine rack
Item Price Done
cerulean wool pouch with silken ties 1,500,000   
oilcloth carryall with two arm straps 1,500,000   
alabaster canvas arm-worn case 1,500,000   
crimson wool handbag with a silver clasp 1,500,000   
amber silk arm pouch with leather straps 1,500,000   
On the pine shelf
Item Price Done
soft doeskin pouch with a cast iron clasp 1,500,000   
cream-colored linen bag with a black cord drawstring 1,500,000   
brown leather satchel with an iron clasp 1,500,000   
ochre-colored canvas carryall 1,500,000   
grey wool portfolio with three brass buckles 1,500,000   
On the pine stand
Item Price Done
suede thigh case with two leather straps 1,500,000   
burgundy leather satchel with two bronze buckles 1,500,000   
black wool carryall with white leather straps 1,500,000   
plain canvas pouch with a brass clasp 1,500,000   
light brown wool bag with rawhide straps 1,500,000   
On the walnut stand
Item Price Done
pale pink wool pouch with leather ties 1,500,000   
oilcloth ankle purse dyed a deep green 1,500,000   
orchid canvas ankle-worn case 1,500,000   
crimson wool bag with a copper clasp 1,500,000   
ebony silk ankle pouch with leather straps 1,500,000   
On the walnut shelf
Item Price Done
rigid leather tail case with two rawhide straps 1,500,000   
soft pink leather satchel with three silver buckles 1,500,000   
white wool carryall with wide rawhide straps 1,500,000   
worn canvas pouch with a copper clasp 1,500,000   
pale green wool bag with white leather straps 1,500,000   
softly tanned doeskin bag with brown leather straps 1,500,000