Country Style (2)

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Country Style
Event Hollow Eve Festival 439
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Clothing shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[Country Style, Men's Wear]
Weathered planks panel the walls and ceiling while gingham curtains adorn the windows set into the walls. Braided rugs carpet the floor and help to muffle the footsteps of busy shoppers perusing the merchandise displayed for sale.
You also see a pine door, a pine rack with several things on it, a large sign, an oak rack with several things on it, a walnut rack with several things on it and a pecan rack with several things on it.
Obvious exits: none.

A large sign reads:
We have new suppliers for our wares, so while we attempted to get as close as possible to the old wares, they do not match perfectly.  Some also may have new things that you can do with them.  Be sure to experiment!
On the pine rack
Item Price Done
pair of pale blue cotton twill pants frayed at the seams 18,750   
pair of deep grey cotton pants buttoned at the waist 7,500   
pair of faded russet brown burlap pants double stitched at the hem 1,250   
pair of thick broadcloth pants covered in grass stains 6,250   
pair of shabby indigo corduroy pants with worn shiny patches 6,250   
pair of umber brown hemp pants laced with cord down each leg 6,250   
pair of russet wool pants lined with soft azure flannel 10,000   
pair of muddy brown homespun leggings studded with bronze 5,000   
pair of fitted tan broadcloth leggings covered in a leafy print 5,000   
pair of pitch black corduroy leggings belted with auburn leather 5,000   
pair of cerulean cotton leggings trimmed in leather at the pockets 5,000   
On the oak rack
Item Price Done
baggy pale blue chambray shirt with short sleeves 5,000   
crimson flannel shirt with oak buttons down the front 5,000   
off white cotton shirt laced at the neck with sinew 5,000   
collarless ecru gauze shirt covered in faded stains 3,750   
loose-fitting sepia hemp shirt frayed at the cuffs 3,750   
pale russet burlap shirt repeatedly mended at the seams 3,750   
forest green cotton shirt with an upright collar 7,500   
grayish blue homespun smock tightly-laced at the cuffs 7,500   
plush golden wool tunic tailored to fit a muscular physique 7,500   
violet flannel blouse with a deep V-cut neckline 7,500   
bone-white broadcloth tunic patched in doeskin 7,500   
On the walnut rack
Item Price Done
moss green wool cloak draped in a dark brown fur pelt 37,500   
plush cream wool cloak with a wide fur collar 37,500   
long auburn wool cloak fully lined in sheared fur 37,500   
faded russet suede cloak with decorative whip stitching 37,500   
shaggy bear hide cloak secured by brass hooks 50,000   
durable maroon canvas cloak lined with quilted ivory flannel 25,000   
chocolate-colored corduroy cloak patched with softened leather 25,000   
upright-collared tawny doeskin cloak lined with clipped sheepskin 50,000   
On the pecan rack
Item Price Done
fleece-lined russet leather boots 7,500   
fur-lined brown leather boots 7,500   
russet brown fur-wrapped boots 7,500   
pale black leather fleece-lined boots 7,500   
fur-lined black leather boots 7,500   
umber leather boots lined with sheepskin 7,500