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Unlike the other timelines, which have been released by GMs primarily as background documents, the editors of the Elanthipedia have begun to assemble a new timeline focusing on events taking place in the game itself. Often, these events have involved player characters and have been extremely rich, detailed, and complicated events. Since the game world continues to develop, this timeline will need continual additions.

349 -- The Crossing Bard Guildhall is reopened following the deaths of Siryn and Tenebraus
350 -- The North Ilithi Gondola resumes operation
351 -- (day 263)Sicle Grove Village is destroyed by an eruption of the Greater Fist of Heaven, triggered by the Warrior Mage Mibgluc.
351 -- A Mirror Wraith delivers a prophecy
351 -- First recorded "jam" session lead by Rock Loyalheart. Following this event, Rock founds the Order of the Apostles and organizes defenses against the Gorbesh.
352 -- Arhat's Tower is destroyed
352 -- Mibgluc is driven into hiding
354 -- The Gorbesh War begins. It eventually ends with the capture of Wren
357 -- Rakash and Prydaen refugees arrive in Crossings, fleeing Lyras
357 -- The Kaldar and Gnomes arrive from Albaria
358 -- First Zoluren Expeditionary Force action against the Red Sash pirates.
358 -- The Kingdom of Andreshlew rises to the Reshal Sea surface for the Feast of Eluned
359 -- House Valsef rebels in Therengia
359 -- Sorrow War begins in Zoluren
360 -- Prince Belirendrick III is assassinated at the DiSilveron Ball
360 -- Sirolarn appoints himself Regent of Zoluren
361 -- (day 138) Coronation of Prince Sirolarn of Zoluren during the Ice Festival
362 -- Khaman Vairson first student elected to Moon Mage Council
362 -- Lechsu attacks the Moon Mage Council, killing several
362 -- Tezirah briefly escapes from the Plane of Probability via the Taisgath Obelisk, concluding the Mirror Wraith Prophecy.
363 -- (day 285) Sorrow and Prayk are annihlated at the Zaulfung Stones, end of conflict known as the Sorrow War
363 -- Therengia under Baron Jeladric IV invades Zoluren
363 -- Prince Sirolarn is executed and is succeeded by Prince Vorclaf
364 -- The Seerah is wrecked on Ratha during a hurricane.
365 -- (day 22) Lift fees on Ratha are revised in the wake of Arine's capture
366 -- The Locksmith Union founded
366 or 367 -- (between 366 day 23 and 367 day 330) Ilerthan's manor on Aesry is reopened.
368 -- (~day 338) All magic is drained from the lands for many months (and Meraud Lavender Prank occurs)
368 -- Archrost steals Urrem'tier's Chalice releasing Maelshyve
370 -- With the help of Maratana Djabadary, Inquisitor Anamir discovers Crossing Thieves Guild entrance and Riverhaven Thieves Guild location.
370 -- (day 89) Thief Guild leader flees Riverhaven
371 -- Galain becomes first to reach 100th circle
372 -- (~day 370) Children of Kalestraum temporarily sever the Moon Mages' link with the Plane of Probability.
373 -- Ishtvan betrays Ladoc and ends Ladoc's attempt to dethrone Kalag The Black and overtake the Zoluren Thieves Guild.
374 -- In response to various threats Prince Vorclaf re-establishes the Zoluren Militia.
375 -- Baron Jeladric Theren IV of Therengia dies.
375 -- (day 201) Gyfford is coronated as Baron of Therengia
375 -- (day 291) Outcasts march on Shard
376 -- (day 32) Ferdahl Kukakakai is executed by the Outcasts.
377 -- Barana's Shipyard begins selling private ships
377 -- Matar wins Droughtman's Challenge. Other finalists include Soim, Bractos, Darmea, Toulom, Slayerin, Aurica, Jensene, and Serrenn
379 -- Outcast Occupation of Shard ends.
380 -- Festival held in Shard celebrating end of Outcast reign
382 -- Feast of Eluned 2nd Coming in celebration of Vorclaf and Arilana's marriage.
382 -- (day 106) Prince Vorclaf of Zoluren marries Princess Arilana of Andreshlew during the Feast of Eluned.
383 -- Reign of Ferdahl Aemmin begins.
384 -- The Ru'atin Peri'el opens its doors for the first time since their genocide at the hands of Dragon Priests.
384 -- The Dragon Priest Empire rises anew, vowing to silence Peri'el with an attack on her Sisterhood. The new empress Hhrsaraa, self-proclaimed daughter of Dzree, is revealed.
384 -- Representatives from Forfedhdar arrive in Crossing, requesting aid against the Dragon Priests infesting their lands. The fifth province is no longer isolated.
385 -- (day 330) Running of Razor's Edge II
386 -- One of the First Empaths, Trylaine teaches the ability to manipulate creatures to modern Empaths.
388 -- High Priestess Tallis declares holy war against the new Dragon Priest Empire.
388 -- Zoluren Thieves Guild destroyed in raid led by Brigadier General Zukir Dyth, Kalag the Black captured
388 -- Kalag The Black is assassinated in his cell in Ulf'Hara Keep
389 -- "late" Jeolandu Festival in Leth
391 -- Princess Arilana gives birth to fraternal twins, Inavia and Belirendrick IV
392 -- The stars vanish from the night sky. Strange events lead to the organization of the first Festival of the Gods, Hollow Eve.
393 -- Crossing attacked by the Sewer Rat Gang from 34 Shorka to 18 Uthmor with various demands. They were eventually forced to leave Zoluren forever.
393 -- Xerasyth begins attacking Ilithi with probes farther north. During this period he is changed from a Adan'f to a Skr'a Mur.
393 -- (day 341) Prydean elders Balam and Felinda walk the starry road.
393 -- (day 341) Lyras crosses the barrier between west and east.
394 -- Lyras's hosts assault all mainland Kermoria
394 -- (day 277) Prince Vorclaf dies at the hands of the Necromancer Lyras while leading a raid on her warcamp.
394 -- (day 277) Princess Arilana becomes Regent for her son, Belirendrick IV.
394 -- (day 376) A plane wide manastorm occurs as a result of Lyras's previous invocation of demonic power to defeat Vorclaf.
395 -- Baron Gyfford Theren proposes to Princess Macja, sister to King Raenilar of the Outcast Tribe.
396 -- Baron Gyfford Theren elopes with Princess Macja of the Outcast Tribe and they are wed in a private ceremony in Riverhaven, performed by Court Advisor Valkri. Macja becomes Baroness of Therengia.
396 -- A crazed doll maker's creations prey on unsuspecting adventurers. Shortly after, the second Hollow Eve festival is held.
397 -- (day 61) Ferdahl Aemmin orders Ilithi's northern borders to be closed.
397 -- (day 157) Final battle ensues between citizenry, Lyras, Sahfra and Tachid. All three undead are destroyed.
398 -- Baron Gyfford Theren's marriage to Macja is dissolved. After experiencing overwhelming visions, Vizier Akil arrives in Therengia and welcomes the Princess back into the tribe as a revered prophet, returning with her to the Velaka desert and the Outcast Tribe, where she will learn to utilize her gifts. King Raenilar reaffirms that relations between the two are still strong.
399 -- Morlaena, a priestess of Huldah tricks adventurer's into accepting a curse, falsely claiming it to be a blessing. After her defeat, the third Hollow Eve festival is held.
400 -- (day 257) Empress Hhrsaraa of the Dragon Priest Empire dies mysteriously.
401 -- Ferdahl Aemmin and Ael'tharaxus, dragon and new ruler of the Dragon Priests negotiate a peace treaty.
403 -- On the trip to Hibarnhvidar, the mechanical spider for the fourth Hollow Eve festival crashes and requires repairs.
406 -- (day 155) The Empath's guild publicly acknowledges the existence of empathic shifting only to condemn the practice and enforce it as a forbidden practice.
406 -- (day 220) Annael steps down as the Crossing Empath Guildleader.
406 -- Asketi's ride proceeds the fifth Hollow Eve Festival 406 held in Hibarnhvidar, Forfedhdar
407 -- Alret and the rebel Elpalzi forces begin to threaten the Crossing and Zoluren
407 -- (Dolefaren) Hand of Meraud stolen from a Moon Mage Vault and resulted in a horrendous mana explosion and changes to magic itself (DR 3.0)
409 -- (Kalen) Guildfest 409 held in the Faire grounds of Therengia
409 -- Baron Gyfford of Therengia and the Lady Athelisa Ananthor are betrothed
409 -- Zoluren High Council - Chairman Woolly Tanglefoot of House Tanglefoot is retired
409 -- Zoluren High Council - Myerin Chelochi of House Chelochi elevated to Chairman
409 -- Keresyk si'Allvar, Mayor of Leth Deriel, resigns and returns to M'Riss to pursue family business
409 -- Arandus Linlaig is appointed by the Zoluren High Council as Mayor of Leth Deriel
409 -- Brigadier General Zukir Dyth retires. In retirement, Zukir is elevated to Nobility and gifted land in Chelsea Overlook
409 -- Seneschal Maghana elevated to Noble status for her faithful service to Zoluren
410 -- Asketi makes a moderately inconvenient Ride from Langenfirth to the Crossing
410 -- (17 Shorka) Ulf'Hara Keep is attacked and destroyed by rebel Elpalzi
410 -- Due to Dergati's machinations, both the Greater and Lesser Fists of Heaven erupt, destroying one of the Moon Mage Guildhalls and plunging the world into nightmarish darkness.
410 -- With the help of the Ru'atin Peri'el, adventurers defeat Xitoccanemun and the Akul'tiz to thwart Dergati's plans, leading to Peri'el's restoration from her poisoned slumber, quieting the World Dragon, and bringing light to the world once more.
410 through current -- Elpazli attacks upon Zoluren continue in unpredictable waves.
413 through 414 -- Enraged by the non-pious, Drogor unleashes his wrath upon Kermoria. The onslaught is only abated after numerous attempts at appeasement and outpourings of veneration in the form of various prayer vigils as well as blood and other sacrifices. This is the sixth Hollow Eve festival.
414 -- Royal family returns to Zoluren.
417 -- Hollow Eve Festival is held featuring Plokks' Performing Pivuh Panorama. Drogor's wrath is somewhat quelled after a series of strange events and a leak on the mechanical spider of the festival grounds. This is the seventh Hollow Eve festival.
423 -- Alret is defeated, ending the conflict with the Elpalzi
425 -- Trader Guild negotiates with the Arbiter in Darkness gaining spellcasting abilities
425 -- Rifts and interplanar beings (zenzic, zenzizenzic, starcrashers, and starlight harbingers) appear in Kermoria. (Articles: 1, 2, 3, 4)
430 -- Demon Hunter Osven creates a device and uses it to kill Maelshyve with the aid of adventurers. Articles: (1, 2)
434 -- Asketi rode through Crossing, Riverhaven, and Shard (Article)
434 -- Negotiants appear during Lunar experiment. (Article)
434 -- Elemental experiment opens a portal into Zengmodaleth (Lightning Grove). (Article)
434 -- Gorbesh invade Crossing and Riverhaven Guilds and Crossing High Temple. (Article)
434 -- Dragon Priests attack the Ru'atin Peri'el in Aesry again. (Article)
437 -- New area within Zengmodaleth revealed. (Article)
438 -- (0 Akroeg) Asketi rode through Riverhaven and The Crossing.
439 -- Suulnir speaks on a new era of enlightenment in relation to Ael'tharaxus and the Empire. (Article.)

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