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The Ru'atin Peri'el are a unique group of female singers that straddle a line between Clerics and Bards with a focus on the worship of Peri'el. The group was formed with a singular purpose: to strengthen and aid the goddess Peri'el in her efforts to keep the World Dragon asleep. The name "Ru'atin Peri'el," when literally translated, means "Sisters of Peri'el."

The order was founded on Reshalia at the decree of Sarkhhl Smo'neh by Maligen Shanati, who retired her position as the High Priest of Peri'el to begin the sisterhood. Reshalia had been rocked by a tremendous earthquake about a decade into Sarkhhl's rule and he turned to the High Priest of Hav'roth to find the cause. The venerable priest said it was in fact the stirrings of the World Dragon, but he did not know how to solve the problem. It was the High Priest of Peri'el, Maligen, who came up with the solution of founding an order of singing priestesses to help Peri'el keep the beast slumbers peaceful.

The Sisters are led by the Ur'Kapo Peri'el, which means the First Singer of Peri'el. The general members of the group are known as Kapo Peri'el, or "Song of Peri'el". Above them are the Sara'pon Peri'el, or the "Voice of Peri'el", who perform the most important rituals and singing. There are also rumors that a subgroup exists within the order known as Qi Peri'el, or the "Soul of Peri'el", that are supposedly charged with the duty of stopping anyone who would seek to wake the World Dragon or harm Peri'el.

The sisters perform a unique form of ceremonial singing known as "ograth smo'kku'par" (S'Kra Mur for "hands together") and appears to be a kind of strange duet. The main singer, or leader ("syo'kapo"), sings with a companion or aide ("fe'kapo"), who sings the second part. The two singers sit side by side, or facing each other, close enough to clasp hands and their bodies in contact, often their knees touching.

The sisterhood was hated and hunted by the Dragon Priests and their leader, Dzree, who had in her youth failed to pass the entry examination to become one of the singers. As a result of the persecution of the Dragon Priests, the only surviving enclave of the singers is found in Aesry Surlaenis'a.

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