Barana's Shipyard

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  • Note: Barana's Shipyard is currently not selling new ships.

Barana's Shipyard
Province Zoluren
Town The Crossing
Map Ranik's Map 1f
Owner Barana
# of Rooms 5
Store Type Boat shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[Barana's Shipyard, Office]
Unpolished and dusty, a rosewood counter -- bare except for a scarred leather appointment book -- straddles the center of the office. Thick air, damp and sour with the smell of dust, marsh and ocean, makes breath difficult in this little reception room. Directly behind the counter, there is an oak door that leads to Barana's office. Punctuating the dark paneled walls, several windows overlook the construction yards where vessels rest in various states of completion. You also see a short corridor and a leather flap leading back to the receiving yard.

Ship Classes
Item Price Done
Cog: a single-masted, single-sailed vessel with three rooms above deck 8,000 Platinum   
Cutter: a single-masted vessel with five sails, three rooms above deck, and a customizable cabin 12,000 Platinum   
Brig: a double-masted vessel featuring eight sails, four rooms above deck, a customizable cabin, and the choice of either a hold or a galley 15,000 Platinum   
Galleon: a four-masted vessel boasting twelve sails, four rooms above deck, a hold, a galley, a customizable cabin, and a second simply-furnished cabin 20,000 Platinum   
Furniture Options (not available for Cogs)

1 - a simple pine cot
2 - a knotted rope hammock
3 - an overstuffed leather sofa with patched cushions and a missing leg
4 - a plain oak box bed

1 - a pine-framed porthole
2 - an oak-framed porthole
3 - a brass-trimmed porthole
4 - a cracked window

1 - a pine-paneled wall
2 - an oak-paneled wall
3 - a tapestry covered wall
4 - a white-washed wall
5 - a rough plaster wall

1 - a knotty oak table
2 - a worm-rotted pine table
3 - a deeply-scratched redwood table
4 - a chipped and peeling white-washed oak desk
5 - a roughly cut pine desk
6 - a dry-rotted mahogany desk
7 - a dark cherrywood desk with sword-notched legs
8 - a polished maple desk with mismatched legs
9 - a knotty pine table

1 - an oak footlocker
2 - a pine footlocker
3 - a warped cherry cabinet
4 - a brass-bound worm-riddled wood chest
5 - a crate

[Barana's Shipyard, Cartography Services]
Framed ocean charts hang unevenly upon the dark paneled walls. The wooden floor, once handsomely inlaid with a mariner's compass, is now a scuffed mess in desperate need of sanding and polishing. A clerk is hunched over a drawing board, working on a new chart.

Ship Routes
Item Price Done
Only the Captain can purchase routes
1 - Arthe Dale routes 10,000   
2 - Throne City routes 12,000   
3 - Pokekehekepi Beachhead routes 12,000   
4 - Hara'jaal routes 15,000   
5 - Acenamacra routes 10,000   
6 - Ain Ghazal Isle 20,000   
7 - Tiger Clan 10,000   

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