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Hollow Eve Festival 410 is a paid festival held in 2013.

  • Plat: October 25 - November 18
  • Prime: October 31 - November 17 (25 Moliko - 14 Dolefaren 410)
  • Fallen: November 8 - November 23

Official Description

Official event page

Uneasy Calm


As spring mellows into summer, Elanthia has settled into an uneasy calm. Abundant crops ripen in the fields, untouched by Asketi's capricious scythe. The people are hale and hearty, as if Ushnish is occupied elsewhere, and ships shelter safe in harbors untouched by Drogor's wrath. Almost everywhere there is prosperity -- yet a sense of dread lurks beneath it all, as if the world is teeters on the precipice of some great, unknown calamity

Moon Mages whisper of disturbing visions. Clerics both Dark and Light cry out to their patrons for succor or shelter or some glimpse of what is to come. For the first time in recent memory, the Sisters of the Ru'atin Peri'el have left their enclave on Aesry Surlaenis'a, seeking answers. So sun sets on another prosperous day, and the world waits for the blow to fall.

Night settles across the lands, bringing a cooling respite from the day's fetid heat. From Velaka's sultry deserts to the Forfedhdar's rough outposts, the people of Elanthia seek out their beds, hoping for solace from the day's cares.

In the darkness, men and women still fight and die, heedless of the hour. The Cleric falls bravely, driving undead back from town and village, knowing he will live and die again and again in this same unending quest. The Barbarian hurls a war-cry into the teeth of his foes, knowing that Kuniyo or Trothfang or Everild will uphold the one whose fury burns the hottest. Others plot and scheme by candlelight. But mostly, people sleep – or try to.

A terrible tension has settled across Elanthia. Children writhe and thrash in sweat-drenched sheets, cry out and struggle with their bedclothes, all without waking. Adults are tormented no less, dreams absurd and banal alike subtly twisted into the stuff of horror. A susurrus of moans and inarticulate cries of fear settles across the land like the putrid odor of a gangrenous limb.

The land is gripped by nocturnal misery; a plague of nightmares. Yet even the wakeful are not spared -- in the night, the sleepless whisper tales of unnatural things moving, half-glimpsed creatures perverse and terrible...

The Sky Darkens

HollowEve WakingNightmares Part2 small.jpg

Deep in the forests of Ker'leor in the shrine of Dergati, a dark chrysalis lurked, gleaming silver and leaking strands of dark vapor. Those who interacted with it found that it somehow feasted upon spiritual energy, absorbing the experiences of those who came near it. It whispered in the dark to its visitors, but remained, changing little, for many years. All agreed that it was somehow related to the Lady of Nightmares, Dergati.

The powers in Therengia grew uneasy with its presence and placed a guard on the site, preventing pilgrims and the curious alike from strengthening the entity growing within it. Still it waited in the darkness, seemingly quiescent.

Then, one day, those guarding it were found dead. The chrysalis was gone. A collapsed tunnel, leading away, the only evidence that anything had ever been there at all.

Elsewhere, miners would disappear, only to reappear later missing their eyes and their sanity. The sisters of the Ru'atin Peri'el reported changes in Peri'el's song, and sent a representative, Tasrhhsu, to the mainland to investigate.

The people of Elanthia began reporting strange, nightmarish visions. Moon Mage Seers saw conflicting visions, most of them portending destruction and chaos.

In time, a new subterranean race of mole-like people, the Akul'tiz, emerged under a leader they call The First, Xitoccanemun. In the beginning they emerged only at night, but as summer wore on, they began to appear at other times.

Finally, the Sisters of the Ru'atin reported the unthinkable – Peri'el's song has ceased. Those Clerics who pray to Peri'el find their tongues torn from their mouths. Peri'el's altars no longer accept her sacrifices. Xitoccanemun claims that Peri'el is dead.

With Peri'el dead or incapacitated, the World Dragon has begun to stir. The Greater and Lesser Fists have erupted, destroying Tiv's Moon Mage guild and killing all those present within. The smoke and ash hurled skyward by the eruption has blocked out the sun, plunging Elanthia into endless night.

If Peri'el cannot be healed, the Dragon will surely wake, ending all life on Elanthia. Somewhere, Dergati is laughing.

Location and Map


Events and Gifts

Ticketed items
Stores with items for HE tickets.
Glass shard hanging from a silken cord
Hollow Eve 410 Raffle List
Hollow Eve 410 Ticket Raffle
The Prime auction will be held on Sunday, November 10. The Plat auction will be held on Saturday, November 9.

Invading creatures

Read more about the Akul'tiz.

Tentative Merchants


Abandoned Dragon
Acaph's Acquisitions
Accents for the Arachnophile
Ahreusse's Atelier
All Aquiver
All Wound Up
Amulets by Liathe
Amylia's Attic
Armadillo Crush
Asketi's Stop
Bare Necessities
Beastly Behavior
Behind the Mask
Below the Fold
Birds of a Feather
Bizarre Bazaar
Blanve's Bounty
Blythe Spirits
Clear Visions
Clerks' Collections
The Clockwork Inquisition
Cloudwalker's Smoke Shop
Country Style
Crafty Cloaks
Creature Comforts
Creepy Costumes
Cuddly Creations
A Cultured Attire
Cute as a Button
The Cutting Edge
Daelus's Entrances and Exits
Damsel In This Dress
Dark Dalliance
Dark Defenders
Dark Delights
Dark Symphony
Darsam's Drifters
Death from Above
Delicate Creations
Diamond Deities
Dying to Shop
Eagle Eye
The Eclectic Eccentric
Elahkti's Metal Arts
Empty Settings
Eternal Moments
Everything in Moderation
Exaltation Tintinnabulum
Excess Baggage
Eye Spy
Fabric Fantasies
The Faithful Defender
Fallen from Grace
Fall's Harvest
Famous Last Words
Fangs for the Memory
The Fashionable Panda
Findorslyth's Fortifiers
The Finer Things
Fishy's Pants Mart
Flower Power
Force of Habit
Forever Faithful
Frisky Portraits
Funny Bones
The Future is Now


The Gear Shop
Gersvinda's Natural Studies
Give 'Em the Boot
The Glass Bubble
Glythtide's Gifts and Gags
Grieving Grave
Guildly Pleasures
Hair Apparent
The Haunted House
Heavenly Entrances
Hero to Go
Hide and Silk
Holey Warez
Hollow Bellies
House of Bling
The House of Bones
Huffenclaw's Decadent Delights
Huffenclaw's Wondrous Wares
Hunka's Burning Love
Idon Abide the Ten
Ilithian Heritage
I'll Eat My Hat
Jewelry In Phases
Jhanine Dering Cloaks
The Joys of Noise
Jubby's Tattoos
Just a Slice
Just Desserts
Jynli's Cattery On the Move
Knightly Attire
Korbesh Leathers
Krobble's Karavan
Lavender and Lace
Liquid Assets
Made for Walking
Magical Minions
The Male Persuasion
Masquer Aid
The Merry Hag
Might Makes Right
The Mind of Sdai
Misenseor Goods
Mob Mentality
Mordiv's Fun House
The Musiceum
The Naked Sheep
Natural Beauty
Natural Selections
Nectar of the Wisp
Nest o' Snakes
Nidia's Nightmares
Nigeyi's Footwear
Obscure Memories
Obscured Visions
Odiferous Ornaments
On the Mend
Once Possessed
One Man's Trash
Outrageous Fortune
Over the Edge
Packrat's Piece of Paradise
Peaceful Intentions
The Photash School of Butlery
Pi'botuk Pel'arsharra
Pi'rasha's Pins
PrEcIouS DeLigHtS
Puffindor's Professional Pieces
Puffindor's Tantalizing Taffy
Q'tahhl's Place


A Quick Bite
Quiver In Fear
Ratchet Shack
Ready to Were
Reinventing the Wheel
Relief in the Dark
Riding The Range
Rugged Appeal
Sable's Tent
Scabbards 'n' Sheaths
Scarlett's Web Race
A Second Round
See The Light
Shenneshwi's Stockpile
Shh'oi Mhhg
Shimmers of Silver
Shiny's Shinies
Shugar's Cookie Emporium
Sibtiem's Creations
Signs of the Times
Silken Garden
Silken Seams
Simply Essential
Sindah's Silk Sensations
Sketchy By Design
Skyward Crafting
Slay It With Music
Slings and Things
The Smaller Side of Life
Smokes 'n' Spirits
Snacky Happiness
Snookie's Divine Spoons
Snookie's Holiday Souvenirs (not at HE 410)
Something's Fishy
Soulful Trinkets
Spikan's Sporrans
Spiraling Out of Control
Stuff It
The Stylish Stallion
Suite of Sweets
Sumptuous Silks
Tastelessly Tacky
Tending the Fold
The Terrific Turnip
The Perfect Rose
The Pretty Pony
Thee Mottl'd Teoy Shoppe
Thick as Thieves
This 'N' That
Tieheq with the Thirteen
Tookes's Nook
Top Notch
Town and Country
The Toy Box
Treasures of the Spirit
Tricky Treats
Turialo's Haven
Vatari's Ritual Addiction
Visions of Holiness
A Walk on the Wild Side
Walk This Way
Whimsical Winds
Wicked Windows
Woman At Arms Annex
Yarrel's Varmint Vittles
Your Inner Animal


Better Box o' Gems
Blood and Gourd
Bobbin' For Bolts
Bobbing for Leeches


Boggle Blast
Clockwork Spinneret
Entrail Toss Arena


Game of Chicken
Gnome Workman
Grave earth pile
Hot Potato


Musical Chairs of Doom
Rissan Roulette
Three Frog Monte
Zasele's Tasks

Special Ticketing Information

"Admit One" tickets will provide access to the first character on the account who passes through the Festival Gates, however, there are additional ticket options available to allow access to two, three, or ALL characters on the purchasing account. These higher tiered tickets will allow multiple characters on the purchasing account to participate in the festivities, raffles, games, and special events, as well as allowing them to receive the special gift.

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