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Male and Female Prydaen Description

Prydaen society is described in their own words as being "Wheel-Shaped", with the clan's leader as the hub and its members the wheel's spokes. Unlike the pack-loving Rakash, typical Prydaen are never happier than when they're alone. However, as their social structure was shattered along with their ancestral homes in the West by the undead legions of Lyras, refugees and their children in the Dragon's Realms are not "typical Prydaen."

Their insuppressible self-confidence and self-reliance can make them insufferable to other races -- not that the Prydaen give a flip, mind you. Because of their "do what you will" nature, however, Prydaen have very little discipline and are easily distracted by their latest obsession or whim. Because they very rarely ever listen to the opinions of others, they often make poor decisions and are prone to reacting rather than responding. While solitary, they do not lack charm and grace -- though the Prydaen are ever mindful that they are supremely gorgeous, they don't need to flaunt what they know they've got. If others aren't aware of it -- well, that's their loss.

Character Creation

With a yawn, the figure stretches and rolls its head fluidly to the left to regard you. It purrs out, "Prydaen am I, the proudest and most graceful of all. Unwavering and fearless, I fight for what is mine...which is, of course, everything. My reflexes are by far the best of all the races, and I am certainly the most beautiful. Not brutishly strong, but then, what's strength if you can't hit anything? Magic is within my grasp, though I excel at the fighting arts. I hunt and stalk in the darkness, my footfalls soft and sure. When alone, I am the happiest."

The Prydaen is about the same height as a Human with short, smooth fur covering its body that you at first mistake for skin. Bright, inquisitive slitted eyes peer out at you, and the Prydaen's pointed and tufted ears are always twitching, as is its long tail. The glint of claws draws your eyes to its hands, but not for long. Raising your head to meet the Prydaen's gaze, you find it hard to hold, and eventually look away, the Prydaen's fixed smile silently laughing at you.

Racial Statistics

Statistic Starting TDP Mod
Strength 10 0
Reflex 14 -2
Agility 10 0
Charisma 12 -1
Discipline 8 +1
Wisdom 6 +2
Intelligence 10 0
Stamina 10 0

Racial Characteristics


Age/Years Description
0 - 15 Tail-Chaser
16 - 20 Mouse-Catcher
21 - 34 Moth-Stalker
35 - 44 Bird-Hunter
45 - 54 Hyena-Stalker
55 - 64 Wind-Catcher
65 - 74 Shadow-Prowler
75 - 84 Sun-Lounger
85 - 94 Scar-Bearer
95 - 104 Dream-Stalker
105 - 114 Ancient
115 + Archaic


Racial minimum and maximum heights by gender:

Minimum Height Maximum Height
Male 5.25 feet 5.75 feet
Female 5 feet 5.5 feet


Average lifespan: 75 years
Maximum lifespan: 100 years


Average gestation period: 7 Elanthian months

Prydaen can only conceive offspring with other Prydaen.

Points of Interest



  • Cizayu: The Western coming of age tradition.
  • Prydaen Claws: All about the Prydaen Claws.
  • Prydaen Hubs: Information about known Hubs and the hierarchy of Prydaen society.

History, Traditions, and Lore


These materials have a cultural connection or history that originates with Prydaen.

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Timeline Information

357 AV
The Prydaen homeland in the West was ravaged by Lyras and they, along with refugees of the Rakash, fled to Kermoria in an event known as the Great Migration, arriving in the Crossing.
357 AV
Dawnvale Hub established.
Sunfall Hub established by Darkensi. Land given by Sorrow.
360 AV
Silverclaw Hub established in Forest of Night.
Dawngrove Hub established.
393 AV
Great Barrier falls, bringing the death of all Elders that were connected to it.
397 AV
Lyras killed.
399 AV
Quest for Beyond the Barrier opens, allowing outsiders into Sunfell Hub to help kill remnants of Lyras.
412 AV
Ra'yureko becomes known and delivers confirming news of the death of many known members of Claws.
Darkensi of Sunfall dies. Darkali takes over.
414 AV
Sunfall Hub allows outsiders in.
416 AV
Silverclaw Hub allows outsiders in and provides Prydaen-only housing.

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