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Status: Dead
Guild: Necromancer
Race: Kobold
Gender: Male
Associates: Maelshyve

Archrost was a Kobold necromancer who stole the chalice from Urrem'tier's shrine in the Zaulfung, preventing Clerics from completing the Resurrection quest. He also did some rituals, leaving a symbol on the floor, at Hodierna's Solace which may have had negative effects on her powers. When he died he would come back stronger. At one point he allied himself with the Outcasts.

His actions led to the release of the demon Maelshyve, considered by some scholars the "Nameless Evil beneath the Zaulfung," from her prison in the fortress. As thanks for this she killed the kobold, braided his head into her hair, and placed his body within her fortress beneath the swamp.

Summary from the message boards, 18 May 2002

This document is provided to the populace by the Order of the Fyearikloa'i Rensh'a. It describes events that members of the order have observed and information, true or false that the members of the order have drawn from the events indicated. This document is not meant to be comprehensive or to be infallible, but rather is provided to the populace to facilitate a better understanding of the events troubling Elanthia and to allow others to draw their own conclusions and act accordingly.

Archrost, Kobold Necromancer.

During the summer of the Iron Toad, the 368th year after the Victory, a small group of kobolds were encountered on the Southern Trade Route, ambushing Traders and their caravans. When coerced into speaking their motives, one kobold mentioned "scrolls" and "books", and then was immediately killed by lashes of black energy.

A group of concerned adventurers decided to stake out the, at that time, newly built museum in Shard proper. Shortly after arriving, they encountered a kobold named Kroshgaw. After attempting to communicate, and receiving physical attacks in return, the group was forced to retaliate and kill Kroshgaw, who walked the Starry Road.

Kroshgaw's alleged brother, Krashgew, then arrived. After being chased about most of Ruby Street, Krashgew was given a scroll and befriended by a smattering of people. According to Krashgew, an intelligent kobold named Archrost taught himself how to read and write the Common language, as well as learned the basics of Necromancy. Archrost taught a number of kobolds what he had learned, and then proceeded to locate a new home for his followers, an abandoned church somewhere in Ilithi. Krashgew also stated that Archrost's goal was to kill the "sentients" in Shard, and relocate his force of kobolds to live in the city.

A while later, a series of visions were received by Clerics and Moon Mages, showing the Necromancer himself, a silver chalice, and various other circumstances involving the kobolds. The altar of Steelclaw Clan bled, and ambushes of Trader caravans on the Southern Trade Route by sling-wielding kobolds searching for books, scrolls and tomes also became commonplace.

Summer in Kermoria passed by with little more occurrence with regards to Archrost.

In the fall, Krashgew was again spotted, running along the Southern Trade Route fiddling with shadows. Afraid to speak for fear that Archrost would kill him, Krashgew attacked those who confronted him, and eventually fell, walking the Starry Road as his brother had. Archrost himself then made an appearance, wreaking vengeance on those who "had the blood of his kin" on their hands. He cast both Warrior Mage and Cleric spells, including Fire Rain, Ice Patch, and Soul Attrition. When killed, he would quickly rise up again in flashy displays of black fire, his wounds healed.

After many such displays of his power, he tired of toying with "mortals" and quickly left, saying that he would claim his revenge by stealing that which we treasure most: Our immortality.

Krashgew then made another appearance as an undead. He shuffled and wandered around the Temple of Darkness, speaking in cryptic riddles. Information was learned, such as the fact that the kobolds had discovered that Archrost had planned on using those kobolds loyal to him as zombies for his army. Some rebelled, but their efforts were futile against Archrost's newfound power. Much of Krashgew's words were garbled, however, and information was difficult to glean.

A few andaen ago, an Elothean merchant dealing in Clerical goods and magical items named Vemiir was traveling the Southern Trade Route near to Fayrin's Rest when his caravan was ambushed. The yaks leading the caravan were impaled in the neck by arrows, and the caravan was overturned and ransacked by a band of kobolds. The kobolds burned the caravan, and Archrost indicated that he had found what he was looking for; a book. Vemiir, troubled by the theft of his merchandise, retired to rest and has not been seen since.

Upon gaining possession of the book, Archrost traveled north to Riverhaven, and the swamp, where he stole a chalice from a sacred altar important to the Clerics of the realms. This chalice is a vital element in the quest for Clerics to gain the gift of life from the Immortals.

Chalice in hand, Archrost traveled again towards Shard. On his journey, he was ambushed and attacked the entire way, falling a multitude of times. Beyond the fact that he was nigh on immortal, he also appeared to gain strength from the passage through death, and seemed to revel in the power it offered him. Eventually Archrost retreated to his stronghold south of Fayrin's Rest through a break in the bushes. Unfortunately, we were unable to follow him through that break and he has not been observed since.

Shortly after the theft of the chalice, Moon Mages across the land have experienced a curious green glow that washes over their form. The cause of this green glow is as unknown as is it's effects. The Mages thus touched have noted no observable change.

Also of note, newly awakened adventures are finding their spirits in a sorry state though their spirit health returns over time. It is unknown whether this troubling trend is related to the actions of Archrost or one of the other Necromancers.

While unobserved, it should be noted that Althiras, Sidhlot, and Lasarhhtha have been sensed about Elanthia in the past few andaen. No direct action has been observed as taken by any of these known Necromancers in relation to the events described here.

Presented to the people of Ilithi and Elanthia in its entirety by the Order of the Fyearikloa'i Rensh'a.

By My Hand:

Vivviane Abdel-Messihh Vice-Speaker Order of the Fyearikloa'i Rensh'a