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Inquisitor Anamir
Status: Unknown
Guild: Paladin
Race: Unknown
Gender: Male
Location: Unknown
Associates: Sirolarn, Vorclaf

Paladin who worked for the government of Zoluren under both Sirolarn and Vorclaf.

Was Sirolarn's liason to the Dirge Council.

Was assigned by Vorclaf to find Sybina. Also helped to kick the Thieves out of Riverhaven.

Involvement in removing the Thieves from Riverhaven

(Circa 2004, whild GM Vendarin was Thief Guru)
Anamir worked for Vorclaf in an effort to locate the Thieves Guild within The Crossing. Anamir would capture and interrogate criminals until eventually he did locate the entrance to the Thieves Guild in the sewers. That entrance had to be destroyed and a new entrance created.

Anamir was also able to locate the Thieves Guild in Riverhaven during Mayor Bressail's reign. Anamir flushed out its two guildleader, the married couple of Crow and Swan. Crow went into hiding while an elaborate rescue effort was made to sneak Swan outside the city's borders. Eventually Crow and Swan returned to Riverhaven, but wisely created several guild locations rather than a single location, so if any one was discovered they could move to another. Now they routinely move from location to location so as to avoid the authorities.

Position in the line of succession for Zoluren

Prior to the birth of Vorclaf's children, Lord Anamir was one of the only people left with a claim to the throne of Zoluren.[1]


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