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Fleshtearer Tachid
Status: Dead
Guild: Necromancer
Race: Halfling
Gender: Male
Type: undead
Associates: Lyras, Klusarlaik, Gurglesnout, Sahfra

Tachid is one of Lyras's generals. It's believed that he's the undead Halfling that has appeared in Cleric and Moon Mage visions. His wounds quickly regenerate, and he is able to shake off most stuns and disabling effects.


You see Fleshtearer Tachid, an undead Halfling.
Tachid's body appears to have been preserved so superbly -- presumably by someone of Necrolord caliber -- that no touch of decay mars his deathly wan, parchment-thin skin. Bulgy umber eyes, soulless yet keen, peer out from a bald head branded with reddish-black sigils on the scalp. His spidery fingers twitch constantly, as if craving to butcher things barehanded or conjure up profane energies. He is short even for a Halfling.
Despite his largely good condition, atrophied flesh suggests that he has been eluding Urrem'tier for decades.
He is in good shape.

He is wearing a home-made white pantherskin robe still bearing traces of the animal's brutal slaughter, a carved black rock talisman, a fuzzy fur-bound spellbook slung from his waist by a thick blue gold hip-chain harness, a crude leather pouch and some iron-toed footwraps.

Once dropped a blackened rakash femur.
Once dropped a dull butcher's knife.


  • Rapidly regenerate all wounds.
  • Shakes off all negative effects almost immediately, except for "burning" status.
  • Has an unholy fascination and skill with his dull butcher's knives.
  • Appears to use Corruption and Blood magic, specifically perception debuff and Acid Splash.


Tachid cups his hand before thrusting his palm up and out in a slapping motion at a <target>!
Angry hissing accompanies green-hued liquid spraying forth from Tachid's palm to form a viridian glob that quickly leaps towards a <target>.
As the spasmodic glob engulfs its chest, a forceful plume of crimson steam is ejected from the cavity created by dissolving organs and pitted bone. At last the chest falls apart entirely, to be absorbed into the growing puddle of foamy flesh on the floor.

Corpse Teleportation

Tachid has the ability to return his corpse to Lyras' warcamp where he is "returned to life". This appears to be some form of teleportation rather than a soul departure, as the crossbow bolts lodged to his corpse can be seen discarded on the floor in Lyras' warcamp. The following are the text messaging:

With evident strain, the mouth of Tachid's corpse utters a series of unintelligible profanities.
Burbling, Tachid's corpse slowly liquefies into a viscous red and green goo which then oozes away wretchedly.

[Wilderness, Warcamp]
Command tents and structures set up to protect against the elements provide a defensible perimeter, showing clear signs of intelligence and tactical prowess by the camp's creators. Orderly piles of weaponry and armor lay outside tents, and shambling creatures, both zombified and skeletal, continually prowl the grounds. The very ground underneath shows signs of having once been lush, vibrant wilderness, but has now been stripped of all but the faintest hint of its former life. You also see a patchwork abomination, a stark white skeletal archer, a necrotic warrior, a black Moongate, an arisen magus and a gestalt draugen.
Also here: the body of Fleshtearer Tachid who is lying down, Ravenous Klusarlaik, Devourer Lyras.
Obvious exits: none.



Your sight is suddenly devoured by a pitch-black darkness, and soon small fingers accompanied by an unholy stench start touching you. Just as they find a way through your clothing and the cold, pulpy flesh meets your skin, twin rays of blinding light blast through the blackness. The fingers immediately retreat, and you glimpse a very short humanoid in the remaining shadows.

After a few moments, you realize that the light is emanating from your own eyes -- a manifestation of your blessed soul. You sweep your gaze through the area, but the creature crawls frightfully from one dark corner to another. The rays catch it at last, sizzling the body of a dead Halfling as its wretched scream fills the air.

Moon Mage

Your eyes suddenly feel aflame as they focus on the image of an undead Halfling. He appears to be seated in a contorted lotus position, staring eastward with evident fascination. He leaps to his feet limberly and starts walking, a thousand upright -- and taller -- cadavers shambling docilely in his wake.

As your burning gaze follows what was once a Halfling to another scene, he dashes through the streets of some indeterminate town with inhuman speed, conflagrations exploding all around him.


On 2 Ka'len 394, Tachid laid siege to Riverhaven, bringing lesser undead with him. Klusarlaik simultaneously attacked The Crossing.

On 8 Ka'len 394 Tachid began burning down homes in Dirge's Rustic Circle, and folks came to try and have a conversation with him. He stated that "ants needed to be squashed that were in Lyras path." Adventurers from all over came to stop him. On fire from naphtha and repeated Dragon's Breath, he hid and moved south to Kaerna and burned down homes there as well. He vanished, but a Shadewatch Mirror revealed him continuing his efforts. Tachid was slain, with Somniumvisum delivering the flaming spittle from his Dragon's Breath spell as well as the final blow, but the undead Halfling's body oozed away to the Warcamp, leaving behind a dull butcher's knife that Somniumvisum claimed as a trinket of his triumph.

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