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Myerin Chelochi
Status: Alive
Guild: Moon Mage
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Location: Zoluren
Type: political

Myerin is the current leader of House Chelochi.

Myerin was appointed Chairman of the Zoluren High Council, succeeding Woolly Tanglefoot.

Crest: A gladiola-masted galleon afloat in a sea of green.

Appearance at the Memorial

You see Chairman Myerin Chelochi, of the Zoluren High Council, a Human.
Myerin has laugh lines, silver-flecked amber eyes and a classical nose. His dark brown hair is short and thick, and is worn loose. He has tanned skin and a stocky build.
He appears to be venerable.
He is in good shape.

He is wearing a sweeping jade wool cloak clasped with an intricate silver galleon, a black leather doublet held closed by heavy jade buttons, a somber black scabbard, some white wool breeches with intricate jade buttons and a pair of burgundy leather boots lined in soft black wool.