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On 34 Shorka 393 (02/06/2009) there was an invasion of sewer rats and the more powerful versions of thugs, cutthroats and ruffians in The Crossing that lasted several hours. There were a number of whispered messages that pervaded the town. A similar event occurred on (02/08/2009) with additional threats:

  • You hear a ghostly whisper of a voice say, "The Sewer Rat Gang owns the city below and shall soon own all above. When the time comes, you will all pay for our protection or die."
  • You hear a whisper of a voice say, "You have all been marked for death. The enforcer shall be upon you all someday soon. Our leader will tell him who to kill and who to spare." Out of the corner of your eye you see a shadow running away in retreat.
  • Two large ruffians dressed in black rush in and attack your corpse. The ruffians cut off your right hand and right leg. One of the ruffians looks down at you and says, "Let your scars be a reminder to you. You can never outrun us and you must always pay a price, either in coin or blood." The two ruffians make a hasty escape when someone in the crowd shouts for the guards.
  • A ruffian with a large axe runs in and says, "Almost forgot Zurato's trophy." In one swift motion he raises the axe above his head and brings it down chopping off your head. He snatches it up and runs back into the shadows.
  • A small red-eyed sewer rat scurries in and looks up at you with death in its eyes, you have a sick feeling that you have been marked for death. Just when you cannot stand looking at it anymore, it quickly scurries away.

Treaty With Zurato

When Zurato and his thugs invaded The Crossing on 18 Uthmor 393 (February 12, 2009), Sebastienne took his son Faziro hostage and threatened to have him killed, which she did three times (once at her own hands and twice at Pormithius's hands). Zurato ultimately agreed to have Sebastienne escort them both from Zoluren forever. Zurato relinquished his black silk armband embroidered with the symbol of the Sewer Rat Gang, which is believed to mark the end of the Sewer Rat Gang.

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