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Trylaine Aurthos
Status: Unknown
Guild: Empath
Race: Unknown
Gender: Male

Was involved in some events featuring Timothy.

Was reportedly the cloaked figure riding the tortoise that collided with (and sunk?) the Dawnsinger, Jourok's ship, during an attack by pirates on the Lybadel. At the time, the Lybadel was carrying Edenlaen back towards Shard to alert Kirew of Vordemar's impending assassination attempt. Edenlaen said that it was a great honor to meet Trylaine.

Reputedly can sense death in others before it even happens, even to the point of being able to sense every death on the planet. Very old and has very sensitive senses. Can shift himself, which is very difficult.

Supposedly "Transcended," though what exactly it means is unknown.

From the boards, 21 June 2003, author unknown

The Lybadel was filled with Empaths headed toward Aesry. We repelled a schooner with little difficulty, working together and manning the mangonels.

Soon after the schooner sank, the Dawnsinger appeared off in the distance. Jourok started making gwethly threats, fired some hot pitch at the folks that were waiting on shore for all of us in Aesry.

We were fairly certain he was going to board us. Then we hear Jourok on the gwethdesuan, something to the tune of "Be careful there, out for the..."

And boom. Jourok is struck down, Dawnsinger disappears from sight.

As we all wandered off the boat, we saw a giant tortoise come up to shore with a passenger. Apparently the turtle was what struck the ship. This was later confirmed by the passenger, who explained that the rest of the crew was safe.

And THAT is what happened to Jourok. Must be humiliating to crash a ship like that. Heh

From the boards, 21 June 2003, author player of: Seihjin Verackai

A Lord, A Lady, A Pirate, and A Legend

Too tired to write an IC post...

Last night Lady Edenlaen happened upon my character studying in the Great Tower. She asked him a favor and seemed in a hurry. At her request to escort her to his home island of Surlaenis, he decided that with the time constraints, Lord Rayth would probably have needed him to escort her if he was present rather than stay in Shard for Rayth and let Edenlaen go without proper company. Hesitant at first, Lord Seihjin realized there would be no stopping her and to leave her to travel alone would be regretable.

Decision made, Seihjin gladly accepted the request of the Ferdahl's court lady and was anxious to see home. They arrived rather swiftly with fortune on their side, catching a timely moongate across the chasm thanks to one named Wyloth. Upon arrival at Riverhaven, the two met with several empaths upon the wait for the Lybadel who had seen visions when near death. These visions seemed to have them looking towards Surlaenis, and they were there in good number.

Once the ship finally arrived, their travels grew interesting. The large group of empaths, now joined by a small number warriors, were well prepared for a pirate attack via the red-tailed schooners. What they were not prepared for was the Dawnsinger.

Captain Jourok seemed to get word that Lady Edenlaen was on board and wanted to seize her for ransom money since he was never paid during her first capture. Shots were fired on the shores of Surlaenis (and over the gweth) and chains flew at the Lybadel, but casualties were very low for the adventurers and order was quickly restored on the island shores before something odd happened...

Captain Jourok told someone over the gweth to watch out for...something, just before he was struck down. Later we saw from the docks a large tortoise with a cloaked figure riding atop it disembark from the sea. This turned out to be Trylaine, a *very* old and insanely skilled empath who spoke to some distant beings that we could not hear or see, but could see us and communicate to him. Kaith Partani Edenlaen herself seemed greatly impressed by this Elder. He changed race, age, and sex several times without effort, healed all wounds instantly with a touch, and was on some sort of mission.

Seeking quiet, he advised the many adventurers not to make too much noise or movement when hearing "them" coming. We then heard the sounds of stomping and arming drawing near while at the cove near Denison's Pub. Trylaine then took Edenlaen with him after instructing everyone to hide and remain silent and met a cyclops! After instructing her to stand up to the beast without fear, though not letting it hit her, she seemed to be the first to learn from Trylaine the ability to befriend beasts! The Cyclops no longer wished to attack her and after a while several other empaths were given the same instructions from this legend Trylaine (many were slain trying, but returned alive with Trylaine). He eventually had to leave as he stated his time was up and he had to move on to other duties elsewhere, ascending into the heavens and leaving us all in awe and wonder.

As for Jourok and company, Trylaine said they were helped out of the water and seem to have been saved...

Congrats to the new empathic ability and a *wonderful* event! Thanks to all the GMs involved!