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A manastorm is the repercussion of a significant change in the mana streams, and is characterized by regular storms that also contain properties of magic which are backwards to normal understanding. Observed examples of this include light becoming able to move objects, droplets of fire freezing the ground on contact, and holy energy striking as if lightning.

They have also been described as chaotic lashings of magic, originally triggered by an incursion of the Hunger onto our plane. They have subsequently been seen occur without any obvious connection to demonic activity.

Manastorm of 394

A strong manastorm was triggered on 16 Nissa (day 376) 394 after a Plane-wide buckling of the mana streams. The buckling itself was due to a small amount of extraplanar corruption that was summoned by Lyras during the Battle of Sorvendig's Stand. The absorbing of this corruption ultimately changed a constant that governed how mana works within the plane.[1]
Note: This event signaled the release of the new Power Perception system.

Manastorm Messaging

  • A mana surge slowly makes its way to the west, leaving a path of destruction in its wake.
  • A mana surge slowly makes its way into the area, leaving a path of destruction in its wake.
  • A discarded coin jerks violently and flings itself through the air! It zips past your head with an angry screech and disappears into the distance.
  • A discarded item jerks violently and flings itself through the air! It zips past your head with an angry screech and disappears into thin air with a soft *pop*.
  • A pin-prick of light swells up into a large golden ball! As the gold light fades, it leaves behind a Shadowling that looks just as confused as you are. It stares dumbly at you for a few moments and then plods away.
  • A swirling vortex of brilliant light spins into the area.
The air crackles around you as an intense flash of heat ripples through the area. With no warning, your body erupts into a pyre of roaring red and orange flames that sucks all of the energy of the heatwave into it!
  • A swirling vortex of brilliant light spins into the area.
A wave of energy passes through, invisible except for the obscene ways the world stretches and pulls around you! Though it seemed as though Elanthia was going to rip itself apart, the wave passes without causing bodily harm.
  • A swirling vortex of brilliant light spins into the area.
Swirling eddies of light spin around you!
The mana streams whip violently into a new configuration, far faster than your nervous system can react! Your magical attunement drops rapidly in a single moment, leaving you feeling bruised and cold.
  • A torrent of inky droplets abruptly falls from the sky! The icy-cold droplets slither across the ground as they land, disappearing into the nearby shadows.
  • A violent gust of wind throws <player> to the ground!
A violent gust of wind blasts you to the ground!
  • A wide flash of silvery-blue aethereal light streaks through the sky above you, before roiling lances of dark reds and deep blues split out downwards from it! Blazing droplets manifest aside whirling snowflakes, scorching small patches of the ground just before subsequently freezing them solid.
  • An intense smell of ozone washes through the air as bold white arcs of lightning crackle through the sky overhead, forming from thin air and disappearing much the same way as they pounds your head with liberal peals of thunder!
  • An unnatural wind kicks up dirt and dust from the ground and hurls it into the air! The debris is channeled along a perpetual loop, making a hazy brown figure-eight in the sky.
  • Heavy debris whipped about by strong winds flies through the area, one piece striking you hard despite your desperate attempt to dodge! You are stunned and knocked to the ground!
  • Radiant light abruptly fills the sky overhead, as a golden glow washes through the area. A sense of warmth and comfort fills your body and soul before it is intensely ripped away, the light flashing onwards quicker than your eyes can follow.
  • Someone plods into the area, fighting the storm winds. After a moment he blows a piercingly loud curled horn. "Tornadoes spotted! Find shelter immediately!" Pulling his coat tighter around him, he pushes onward.
  • Somewhere in the distance you can hear the cries of both people and animals, all frightened and confused by the insanity this is slowly manifesting around you.
  • The howling wind pounds against you, making it very difficult to maintain your balance.
  • The world around you seems to ripple and bend, twisting everything around you into a nightmarish parody of itself. Eventually the warping ends and everything seems to return to normal, leaving only a vague feeling of nausea in its wake.
  • You hear a crackling sound in the distance, which quickly seems to grow in intensity. The invisible snapping and crackling passes by you, riding on a wave of energy sets your nerves on fire, then recedes in the opposite direction.


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