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Alret Fengral
Status: Dead
Guild: Unknown
Race: Elpalzi
Gender: Male
Associates: Garhal, Zhnai, Tengh, Zayerg, Geva
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You see Rebel Leader Alret Fengral, an Elpalzi
He has piercing crystal blue eyes and short thick black hair that is pulled back away from his face with a rawhide tie.
Standing just over ten feet tall, this Elpalzi rivals a Gor'Tog in both height and brawn, but far exceeds one in intellect. Short thick dark grey hair in a camouflage pattern covers the rippling muscles of his body.

He is wearing a chain balaclava, a spear harness, an ebony shortbow, a black linen shirt, some blackened chain armor, a black shield emblazoned in silver with a rearing dragon, some blackened chain gauntlets, a simple silver ring, a tarnished platinum ring inset with a brilliant red ruby, a sword belt, a black leather bullwhip, some black dueling pants edged with piping down each leg, a thigh quiver dyed in a brown and green camouflage pattern and some black orc-hide boots with steel toes.


Leader of a rogue faction of Elpazi, Alret masterminded several attacks against Zoluren culminating in the destruction of Ulfhara Keep and, through his assassins, walking several people in the process.

All attempts at diplomacy failed and even resulted in emissaries, normally guaranteed safe passage, being abducted and tortured.

It is widely held that the motivations for his actions stemmed from the belief that he and his people are owed land that was promised to them during the Sorrow War.

He was known for his brutal tactics, use of 'suicide' assassins and being able to be verbally (via gweth) baited into sending more invasion forces.

He previously resided at Sorrow's Reach and was protected by both terrain and strong wards.

In 423, he was slain thrice by adventurers as the Zoluren provincial army pierced the defenses of Sorrow's Keep. Calling upon the demon Maelshyve for succor, she instead betrayed his devotion and consumed his soul; utterly destroying him.


The following items were dropped by Alret when he died in Sorrow's Keep: