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Provincial Militia


In 362, in response to the threat from Lord Sorrow, the usurper Prince Sirolarn called to arms via Gauntlet Competition a Militia appointed from the winners of the competition and others.

In 364, Shortly following the return of Prince Vorclaf to Zoluren, in a time of peace the Militia was retired with honor.

In 374, anticipating a threat - Prince Vorclaf recalled all retired Commanders to active duty, and appointed others.

In 392, (fall) during a relative time of peace by Prince Vorclaf's decree, General Zukir disbanded those remaining official militias and active members as having served Zoluren with honor.

In 408, with the reemergence of the Elpalzi as a threat against the Province, a new militia was formed. The Steel Gladiolus, commanded by Heartsfyre, is the only active official provincial militia currently in Zoluren.

9 Arhat 412 Lady Mahgana, Seneschal for Zoluren, disbanded the Steel Gladiolus unit, citing the Prince's previous order as wisdom, and noting there would be no more official militias in Zoluren.



The oldest surviving Zoluren militia unit.
Sector: Western Zoluren


Black Pearl Legion

Commanded by Interim Commander Markhor
Sector: Southern Zoluren



Commanded by Captain Akariss
Sector: Waterways and Eastern Zoluren

1st Ensign Caraamon
Soldier Allye

Local Militia

Stone Clan Infantry

Commanded by Commander Redarch
Sector: Stone Clan
Lieutenant Rainea
Lieutenant Semgrey

Former Militia Units

Vorclaf's Scythes (Cavalry)

Commander Heartsfyre resigned
Heartsfyre resigned. Unit disbanded

Ulf'hara Fist (Infantry)

Commander Xixist
Xixist resigned. Unit disbanded

Steel Gladiolus (Infantry)

Commander resigned. Unit disbanded

Lions (Navy)

Captain Chasitee
Chasitee resigned. Unit disbanded

Seawolves (Navy)

Captain Ibec, Captain Zeroe
Ibec resigned. Zeroe takes over. Zeroe resigned. Unit disbanded.

Kirm Alshabien (Navy)

Captain Allarsk
Allarsk resigned. Caraamon takes over. Unit reforms.

Membership Items

Esselyon's Marines (Navy)

Captain Trantris
Trantris accused of treason, stripped of rank. Unit disbanded, members folded into the Seawolves.

Zoluren Militia as of May, 2006

Senior Officer - Court Advisor Paschein

Commander Allarsk (Navy) Kirm Alshabien - First Lieutenant Caraamon
Commander Candidus (Cavalry) Vorclaf's Scythes - First Lieutenant Brikmar
Commander Cyiarriah (Infantry) Zoluren Dragoons - First Lieutenant Brendig
Commander Fenance (Cavalry) Royal Pathfinders - First Lieutenant Maconaie
Commander Grodlaza (Cavalry) Black Pearl Legion - First Lieutenant Remgin
Commander Kilan (Infantry)Storm's Eye - First Lieutenant Usiel
Commander Redarch (Infantry)Stone Clan - First Lieutenant Cloudcrest
Commander Renoir (Infantry) Shadow's Reach - First Lieutenant Rihaun
Commander Ryonin (Infantry) Zoluren Wolfhounds - First Lieutenant Rhiarria
Commander Wyndsol(Infantry) Tauris Esturi - First Lieutenant Halcier
Commander Xixist (Infantry) Ulf'Hara Fist - First Lieutenant Faragin

Zoluren Commanders / Wars

Commander Sorrow War Outcast War Notes
Ashatyr X
Bilgrath Later Commander in Theren
Cayene X
Ciroce X
Elriic X
Melodiel X
Nirveli X
Paschein X
Sammee X
Scandi X
Wordachy X
Rayth X X Chief Ambassador
Hegemonic X
Deverlain X
Sondrine X
Candidus X
Arathelle X
Pureblade X X
Argot X
Daython X
Ocelott X X
Baldric X
Paragos X
Rikulf X
Leandrae X
Dvinn X
Salamae X
Jaiteme X
Mordiazi X
Joubeyrt X
Dritzfury X
Wildmann X
Nightcrawler X
Lundgaard X
Donol X
Xailan X
Galain X X

Related GMPCs

(Retired) Brigidier General Zukir
(Inactive) Captain Owaen of the Zoluren Lancers
(Inactive) Captain Zoryl, Navy. Captain of the Dawnsinger and then the Proud Nissa
(Inactive) Fleet Commander Chellene, Navy. Captain of the Leaping Dolphin
(Inactive) Captain Caibre, Navy. Captain of the Selkie's Secret