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Akul'tiz are mole-like monsters that appeared roughly at the time that the Chrysalis opened. They appear to have something to do with Dergati, and are fond of shrikes and and moths.

Battle Strategy

Akul'tiz invasions tend to open with incursions of umbral moths and tattooed Akul'tiz. As the Akul'tiz are killed, they sometimes rise as Akul'tiz ghosts unless the final blow is rendered with a blessed weapon, and Akul'tiz are accompanied by more moths. Giant Dergatian Spawn and Dergatian Behemoths drop off more Akul'tiz on the scene of the battle. In particularly dire environments Akul'tiz nightblades, Akul'tiz lightbanes, and Akul'tiz shadow matriarchs appear.

As a general rule, the Akul'tiz tend to be venomous and spirit-draining. Those who intend to fight the minions of the Unraveller of Souls should be aware they probably are not going to enjoy the benefits of clerical resurrection. They also would do well to prepare for losing their eyes, tongue, and health.

Invasion Visions

There are various visions associated with the start of an invasion. If you're receiving visions, it probably means that they're coming to get you!