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The Crossing High Temple is both a building and a political organization. As a building it acts as a nerve-center of both the Cleric Guild and the religion of the Thirteen Immortals, and it is a institutional force that dictates the eastern Gods' religious dogma.

The High Temple in Crossing is a massive spherical structure that was built after the old High Temple was destroyed by the Gorbesh. A number of powerful holy artifacts are kept within the temple, including Urrem'tier's Chalice.

High Priestess Tallis calls the Temple her home as well as numerous other priests and acolytes that help tend to the temple and perform religious services, and it is here that Khurek leads the efforts of the Inquisition from within the Red Buzzard Dungeon.


After the original was destroyed during the Gorbesh War by catapults, it was eventually reopened 363 years, 176 days after the Victory of Lanival the Redeemer in the month of Uthmor the Giant in the year of the Crystal Snow Hare.

Features of the High Temple

Eyes of the Thirteen

The High Temple contains a favor producing altar to each of the 13 eastern gods and each of their aspects.

The view when lit and viewed from the Altar.
A beam of pale yellow light streams from Kertigen's Eye, bathing the altar in its gaze.
A beam of milky white light streams from Hodierna's Eye, bathing the altar in its gaze.
A beam of intense light streams from Meraud's Eye, bathing the altar in its gaze.
A beam of dark light streams from Damaris's Eye, bathing the altar in its gaze.
A beam of crimson light streams from Everild's Eye, bathing the altar in its gaze.
A beam of silvery blue light streams from Truffenyi's Eye, bathing the altar in its gaze.
A beam of emerald green light streams from Hav'roth's Eye, bathing the altar in its gaze.
A beam of ocean blue light streams from Eluned's Eye, bathing the altar in its gaze.
A beam of ale brown light streams from Glythtide's Eye, bathing the altar in its gaze.
A beam of pale golden light streams from Tamsine's Eye, bathing the altar in its gaze.
A beam of moonlit ruby light streams from Faenella's Eye, bathing the altar in its gaze.
A beam of pale jade light streams from Chadatru's Eye, bathing the altar in its gaze.
A beam of eerie black light streams from Urrem'tier's Eye, bathing the altar in its gaze.

Vela'tohr plant

In the gardens stands the single specimen of vela'tohr plant untouched by the blight that affects its kin. It is tended by Head Gardener Eaadrich.

Temple defenses

At the apex of the temple lies an enormous cambrinth orb, the battery for the powerful defenses of the temple. When activated, all forms of teleport are prevented, and even physical access is restricted to those who carry a favor orb in their hands. During the Lyras War, numerous chargings were required to maintain the defenses, and it was even rumored that the power was tapped for a mystic strike during the final battle.

The Red Buzzard dungeon

The Red Buzzard Dungeon is located somewhere below the North Tower of the Temple, and is used by the Inquisition for detaining, questioning, torturing, and cleansing those deemed too corrupt for a simple purging. Those held in the dungeon also suffer from nightmarish visions. It once held an artifact formerly in the possession of Karszen with the ability to strip Necromancers of their Profane Aegis.

[Crossing High Temple, Red Buzzard Dungeon]
Dust shrouds every surface in this expansive chamber with steps descending from a double-latch arched door. The precinct appears quite different than a conventional dungeon, evidently not intended to confine common prisoners. Instead of barred cells, manacles and fetters, there are dozens of imposing pylons arrayed in no apparent pattern. The obsidian religious constructs have deep spiral grooves carved onto their sides, each exuding a reddish radiance that hangs heavily in the air like a miasma. You also see a sunken-relief pedestal.
Obvious exits: none.

look pedestal
Although the stand is empty now, a groove in the cushion covering the pedestal incidates that something heavy once rested upon it.

look door
The door is curiously open, allowing you a distant glimpse of the North Tower basement.

Cleansing of sin

This is a log of Powerhaus's experience of being held in the Dungeon

A large flock of people rushes into the area! Though some are plainly robed, others are wearing thick armor. As their collective chants of rage fill the air, someone screeches, "There he is! Don't let him get away!"
The crowd quickly converges on you, overpowers you and throws you to the ground as dozens of iron-gripped hands pin down your arms and legs.

From the midst of the grumbling crowd, a priest of Aldauth steps forward. He proclaims, "This man is far too corrupt for a simple purging to right his sins. We must take him to the Temple to be fully cleansed!" The crowd quickly binds your arms and legs, and one of them clobbers you on the head. The world goes black as you are dragged to the Crossing Temple.

You are brought through a confusing series of rooms, hallways and passages, quickly losing track of where you're going. Eventually you find yourself...
[Crossing High Temple, Red Buzzard Dungeon]

Two priests set you in front of one of the pylons and placed into a kneeling position. Even though there are no ropes binding you, for some reason you are completely unable to move. You realize with muted horror that it's the power of Aldauth himself that's holding you in place.

A priest in elaborate robes walks up to you. "Powerhaus, you have been sentenced to have your wretched soul cleansed of its evil. You will remain here until such time as Aldauth sees fit to release you." With that, the priest walks away again.

Nightmarish visions drill themselves into your head, one after the other, likely from the miasma swirling through the room. You feel wrathful eyes on you, condemning you fully for your actions. The vision ends with a very real image of your corpse being picked apart by a flock of vultures.

The miasma becomes oppressively thick, the red swirls churning furiously.

Something that sounds like cacaphonous singing echoes in the air around you. After a long and tense moment, there is only silence.

Sobbing fills the chamber, although you're having trouble determining who is crying.

A small moth flies from one side of the room to another, landing on one of the pillars and then another. Apparently the only creature completely unhindered in the room, it flutters around with a disquieting lack of urgency.

A priest of Aldauth walks into the room, looking at you sternly. "It's time, Powerhaus." With that, the priest drags your immobile form away and out of sight.

You are placed into the center of what appears to be a ritual circle. Condemning eyes glare at you from all around, as if damning you for your actions. An indigo light seems to creep into the ritual circle, and you feel your spirit weakening along with your health. It feels like your very heart is being torn from your chest.

The clerics seem to all chant as one, and ghostly hands rise from the ground. Quick as lightning, they wrap around your body, trapping you completely! Although you struggle, the hands around you in a translucent embrace!

The priest examines you closely, then nods. "Do not let us see you again, scum." With that, the clerics take you away, escorting you to the gate of the temple. You find yourself...
[The Crossing, Immortals' Approach]

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