DiSilveron Ball

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DiSilveron Ball

A masked ball was held at DiSilveron Manor in honor of Prince Belirendrick III of Zoluren.

During this Ball, Belirendrick was murdered. The official story is that his nephew, Sirolarn was behind the plot with the assistance of others still unknown. There is speculation Necromancy was involved.

It is of some note that this event was the first introduction of the NPC Zoluren Royals to the player population.

The Official Proclamation and Invitation

His Highness, Prince Belirendrick Sorvendig of Zoluren and his son, Vorclaf Lasa'Sorvendig, extend a gracious invitation to you to attend a masquerade ball at his recently acquired property of the DiSilveron Mansion, on the northern outskirts of the Crossing.

This masquerade ball will take place on Sunday, January 16th, at 6 pm Elanthian Time.

Attendees are asked to come dressed formally for this marvelous gala event which is sure to be not only an evening to remember, but a historically significant occasion. Masks will also be provided courtesy of his Royal Highness for all those attending.

His Royal Highness would also like to note that the Troupe of the Four Winds has been invited to perform at the Ball.

Tragedy at the Ball by Candidus Custos (Crossing, Zoluren: 116 Lirisa 360)

Well if you were not there then I truly feel for you. For it was without a doubt the Grandest Ball of the decade, and most likely for some time to come. I'll try to recount a few of the things that I found worth mention, though no one person can recount everything that occurred.

The music by the Troupe of the Four Winds was fabulous as always. The various other performers were marvelous.

The masks were special and indeed magical. And though they are magical no longer, they still are a unique and cherished momento.

Most of my fellow Elanthians made quite a grand effort in dressing in formal attire. I was very impressed by those that I had the chance to see up close.

There was food....there was dancing....there was drink.

But probably the most notable happenings for me were all of the Nobles involved. People you are lucky to see once or twice in your lifetime.

From Therengaria we had Lord Paragon Larohald Trigomas Gar Rae Raenaden, also known as the Baron's right hand. I only happened to see him once in the company of Ferdahl Kukalakai. One wonders what topics the Baron of Therengaria's right hand man had to discuss with the Ruler of all Ilithi.

And from Ilithi we had grace our presence the aforementioned Ferdahl Kukalakai Alec'i'neir of Shard. The Ferdahl was the only one at the Ball to be addressed properly as Her Majesty. Interesting that the Ruler of Ilithi out ranks our own Prince here in Zoluren.

The Ferdahl was not around a great deal, and mainly isolated in one of the parlors off of the ballroom on the second floor. I did have a short conversation with her in which she assured me that Zoluren and Ilithi have strong ties despite the occasional unpleasantness that may come up from time to time.

A man that must be noted here is Ambassador Catrayth Firedrayk of Shard, the Savant Mage. A most remarkable person, it was my honor to meet him at long last. I found him to possess a keen and rather dry wit. He had the pleasure of escorting our lovely Dreamheart, and I'll leave it to her to give any particulars, if any are to be forthcoming.

I have it on reliable reports that there was a mysterious elf and human mingling amongst all of the people. I did not have the pleasure of seeing these two mysterious gentlemen due to the huge crowd of people.

Perhaps Lord Sorrow and Necrolord Sidhlot attended the Ball? Your guess is as good as mine good reader. I have it on good authority from the Magus Prayk that Sorrow was there to speak with the Prince. About what is anyone's guess. Perhaps the tragedy that happened later is their doing. Once again this is a guess without proof. But I get ahead of myself.

Then of course we have Ralel, everyone's favorite bad guy. He was seen by more than one person, towards the beginning of the ball, giving something to some unseen figure in the shadows. Was it poison that was later used? Only the shadows know....

Other note worthies that were there include three Councillors from the Council of Advisors, the governing body of Qi'Reshalia. Councillor Siizharu and Councillor Zhakhh were two of the three that I happened to meet.

Also present was Island Girl Sathraa, Heiress to Jelren'Lorma. She was there to establish relations between her nation and Zoluren. Jelren'Lorma is a small island fortress that is Elven ruled. Also living there is a group of Kaldar that fled the Gorbesh.

Two other people worth mentioning that attended were Fateweaver Amiss and Mayoress Lindryl of Leth Deriel. The Fateweaver made just a brief appearance. The Mayoress attended most of the event. I know little of her activities until the tragedy occurred. Again I skip ahead in the telling of this tale. My apologies.

And finally there are the various Zoluren Nobles and Gentry. Mentioned in no particular order there was Lady Linnea, Daft Uncle Linthh Oftenlost, Chevalier Adarel, Diva Kouritza, Palace Courier Darraugh, Captain Savoir, Dashing Gent Ariandor, Bard D'Sorvendi Ilaina De'swan, and Lord Sirolarn Tirof-Sorvendig.

I did not interact a great deal with most of these people. Sometime during the evening Uncle Linthh and Lady Linnea were kidnapped and taken as far as Fayrin's Rest. I unfortunately know little details regarding this, or their rescue. Perhaps another reader can contribute.

Bard Ilaina was one of the organizers of the event. And Lord Sirolarn is nephew to our formal ruler His Majesty Belirendrick Sorvendig.

Yes I say former ruler. For sometime during the evening a fowl deed was committed. Poisoning is suspected at best guess, but once again it is hard to tell with all the activity that was going on. But on towards the end of the evening, when Prince Belirendrick was privately speaking with his son Vorclaf Lasa'Sorvendig, we all sensed this dreadful happening:

Belirendrick was just struck down!

Upon finding the body of the Prince it was discovered that some Dark Power prevented any Holy magics from working on him. He could not be rejuvenated, Raised, or even have his memories protected.

And even more evil was the fact that his favors were slowly but surely being drained from his soul. And soon he became favorless. Then that awful moment when everyone in the realms sensed the following:

A meteor streaks across the sky as Belirendrick's soul departs forever to walk the Starry Road.

The empaths and clerics all did their very best. But whatever Dark Power was upon the Prince was beyond the strength of all of them combined.

Four days later, on or about Day 120, people of Zoluren heard word from a messenger. I shall repeat his statement here and then end his sad account. I wish you all good health.

A messenger sadly announces, "The private section of the DiSilveron Manor House is _now closed_ to all guests and all of the custom spells for the ball _have ceased_ functioning. This includes the party masks and the crystal message balls. In light of the horrific events of the last days, Zoluren is now in a state of mourning for Belirendrick, beloved Prince. The Council and its advisors will announce a public meeting as soon as it is deemed advisable." The messenger then walks away weeping quietly.

By my hand,

Candidus Custos