Hand of Meraud

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The Hand of Meraud was a device that was used to introduce Dragonrealms 3.0's Magic 3.0 rollout. The ornate platinum brooch set with an orichalcum icosahedron 3.0 gift for Prime is based on this artifact.

Described as a stellate icosahedron made of orichalcum and supposedly inactive, The Hand of Meraud was stolen from a Moon Mage vault by a Gnome. Supposedly nearly impossible to open, many people suspect insider knowledge in the break-in. He was later tracked down to a location near Dirge, where in an attempt to recover the item, it was dropped, resulting in a massive explosion. The explosion massively distorted all forms of known magic, resulting in the loss of some spells and the changing of many others. For reason that have yet to be explained, this ripple also affected Barbarians, altering their abilities despite their non-magic nature.

In Platinum, an orichalcum pyramid being disrupted from causing something "worse" triggered the magic changes.