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Maelshyve was a demonic demi-goddess who was sealed away for millennia in her secondary stronghold beneath Darkmist Moors. She was released by Archrost after he stole Urrem'tier's Chalice for her and then resided in her primary fortress beneath the Zaulfung.

In 430 AV, she was killed* using a device called the Philosopher's Knot.


Although her exact origins are unknown, Maelshyve may be a denizen of the Void as she claims it was her domain which Urrem'tier usurped, or she may be a spawn of yet another plane of existence.

Maelshyve is the extraplanar force that corrupted the land to the east of Riverhaven, and was previously known as the "Nameless Evil of Zaulfung". She remained unrevealed to most Elanthians until she broke out of her prison.


You see Maelshyve, a hulking beast of great stature.
She has radiant green eyes that cast a sickly glow upon the dusky midnight-blue scales that cover her body. Long tresses of willowy black hair cascade elegantly down around her, giving her form an almost alluring apperance despite the menacing capabilities evident in her massive triple-tined claws extending from bulky arms wrought with uncompromising musculature.

Two deathly black reptilian wings are folded behind her back, tipped with spiked talons that glisten malevolently in the light.

Her massive, yet shapely torso tapers down to an elegant waist, supported by heavy trunk-like legs. Her feet are hideous implements of war, bearing gruesome black claws that glisten with the blood of her latest victims.

A gargantuan tail slithers from behind her back, thickly plated with armored scales and bearing stiletto-sized spines.


  • Karszen is her arch nemesis, having battled her more than once.
  • Maeldryths are her children.
  • She is immortal, and her symbol is a triple-tined claw.
  • She is also the most powerful necromantic entity known.
  • Maelshyve may have been the demonic force which the Zaulfung Stones were designed to hold back. The Stones were created by Farn's Company around 400 BV, during the reign of Empress Merthamone.


  • The Raid on Maelshyve's Fortress was a player-organized event in which adventurers confronted numerous demon-possessed vessels in Maelshyve's Fortress in the Zaulfung.


Yes, Maelshyve is "dead", and you helped it happen!

Sort of. You see, death as it turns out is a somewhat nebulous concept for beings of Maelshyve's magnitude. Yes, she is for all intents and purposes dead, but given what she was, her death will take some time. The remnants of her influence will recede, likely slowly. The ur-maeldryths are an automatic response to her defeat, a sort of fail safe state securing her essence against the encroaching forces of the Plane of Exile as her long death rattle continues.

What is left of Maelshyve can no longer touch the Plane of Abiding. Her minions will remain, for now. The ur-maeldryth are most certainly demonic, and their demonbones and scales are safe to handle, indeed, regarded as heroic trophies even by the Temple's strict eye. While wandering her Soul, and especially in the Pith, you may notice some strange(r) things, things lurking, waiting, things that no longer fear Maelshyve and have been waiting for a very long time.


Three weapons are kept within Maelshyve's fortress:


[Abyssal Nether, Maelshyve's Remnant]
The coiling helix of fused bone ends here, dropping off into the abyss. Cradled in the clawlike comfort of the path's edge is a great black shell, cracked open like an egg. From within, an endless river of midnight-blue sludge pours out, streaming into the endless darkness below.


Darkmist Moors and the Abyss

Zaulfung and Maelshyve's Fortress

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