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Created by the Dragon Priests, this humanoid race is known mostly for serving Sorrow in the war where he attempted to establish his Empire and harness the power of the Standing Stones.


Elpalzi are a humanoid race. They speak a language of the same name and most were fluent in Common. In a crowd, they would stand out due to the short, coarse fur that covers their bodies and the way that their hair seemed to grow out of their face in a peculiar fashion. Generally they wore their hair pulled back away from their faces. Their body fur has markings similar to domestic dogs; spots or patches.

History and Current Whereabouts

During the early conflicts where the Dragon Priestess Dzree was attempting to make her own Empire starting with the city of Riverhaven, one Lord Sorrow offered his service to the woman. Eventually, the Dragon Priest beliefs were too much for him to agree to, and he left Dzree's service on amicable terms. In thanks for his service, Dzree gifted to him a warrior race that her people had created through magics unknown. These were the Elpalzi, and along with Sorrow disappeared into obscurity shortly after leaving Dzree's service.

They resurfaced along with the Dark Lord when Sorrow began his quest to raise his own empire many years later in what is known as the Sorrow War. Much smarter and more powerful than the low-intelligence S'lai, they were the vanguard of many of Sorrow's attacks on the mainland cities. For the time of the war they stayed with him in Sorrow's Reach (see RanikMap9b). After Sorrow's demise, Parnore led the Elpalzi back to their homeland. According to him, this was a land north of Sorrow's Reach, on the other side of the mountains.

There they remain to this day, with one exception. The Elpalzi Commander Shartug is still at large.


In recent years, a splinter group of Elpalzi under Alret have begun attacks on the Crossing, including taking Court Scribe Iazen captive.

The Elpalzi renegades typically have two types of invading troops, melee and ranged. The ranged attackers are typically more challenging due to their missile attacks. This list is an approximate comparison of their combat skill from weakest to strongest.

Name Type Creature Comparison
Elpalzi instigator melee
Elpalzi bowyer ranged
Elpalzi partisan melee
Elpalzi hunter ranged
Elpalzi dissident melee
Elpalzi sharpshooter ranged
Elpalzi fomenter melee
Elpalzi deadeye ranged
Elpalzi rebel melee
Elpalzi toxophilite ranged
Elpalzi incendiary melee
Elpalzi malcontent melee
All invading Elpalzi are cursed.
Champion creatures of any of the above may appear. These are much more difficult than normal and are essentially boss creatures.
Elpalzi invaders use special attacks during invasions.
  • Bombs: Small animals, such as cats or gidii are known to run in and explode dealing damage to anyone nearby.
  • Arrow Volleys: A single attack comprised of multiple arrows, which may be poisoned, rain from the sky and may hit anyone in the area.