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The Early Ages of the Gorbesh

The Tribes

Prior to the arrival of Xin'Alaudas, the Gorbesh were a tribal people with their first mention in the Luethra records of the Fourth Age. The three major tribes were the Beuven, Ilat, and Lakixeq. It was only in the period after Xin'Alaudas unified the tribes that they began to build cities. As they gained power, they allied with the Iyqaromos Gnomes, who joined them in the major city of Eimitek, where the gnomes became fully integrated and ceded their lands to the Gorbesh. From this point onward, the Gorbesh became a threat to the Luethra, eventually capturing New Albabriddlaen, and by 1385BL, they had destroyed the Endian Nation.

Formation of the Alaudian Empire

The Gorbesh are the primary inhabitants of Albaria, having formed the Alaudian Empire in 1383 BL, under the strong arm and guidance of Xin'Alaudas. Originating in the forests of central-eastern Albaria, they rose to overthrow the Endian Nation. In this they took up the mantle of the Luethra, however unlike their predecessors, they moved to exterminate most of the other Albarian Races. They are an extremely religious race, with a high reliance upon astrology and prophecy. However, in the last century BL, a splinter group called the Kaldar formed in opposition to increasing urbanism with a desire to return to the purer, natural lives lived by the Gorbesh in earlier ages. In appearance the Gorbesh (and Kaldar) are tall, bulky, and powerful. They are expert warriors, boat-builders, sailors, and are a militaristic and conquering race.

Threats to the Alaudian Empire

The Alaudian Empire faces continual threat from the Ocular in the misty southwestern reaches of Albaria. In the north they fought against the Adamantian Dwarves for centuries, launched attacks against the S'Kra Mur Rathan Kings, invaded the Seven Star Empire, and more recently forced a bridge-head across the Dark Hand and invaded Kermoria from the south. This latter time was known as the Red Winter. The invading Gorbesh army built forts and temporary encampments throughout Ilithi, Zoluren, and Therengia. Their army included Gorbesh Outriders, Scouts, Line Soldiers, Soldiers, Catapults, Enchanters, Mages, Battle Spheres, Captains, Commanders, and the rare General.

Gorbesh and Religion

In Albaria, religious beliefs are largely in favor of the Alaudian Pantheon - The Old Gods. Kaldar that remain in Albaria are split by an indeterminate percentage on their worship of the Alaudian Pantheon and Thirteen. This version of the Thirteen was first given by Akrian Dein. The worship of the Thirteen by the Gorbesh deviates slightly from the original teachings -- as much as several hundred years would cause.

Kaldar: The Splinter Group

Disbanding the racial term Gorbesh, the Kaldar renamed themselves at first in a political gesture that has now become a defining reality so stark that the two groups consider each other enemies. While the Gorbesh society moved towards more urban culture, the Kaldar preferred to turn back to the old ways. Despite this shift to the old ways, most Kaldar do not follow the Alaudian Pantheon, but they do continue put great stock into astrology and prophecy. Moon Mages among the Kaldar are often revered just as strongly as Clerics.

Kaldar and Religion

The Kaldar of Kermoria largely adhere to the Kermorian Pantheon or the Kermorian Thirteen / Thirty-Nine. Belief in the Akrian teachings is considered to be largely pointless in Kermoria, since it doesn't radically differ from traditional Kermorian worship. Worship of the Alaudian Pantheon is primarily only seen in pockets of rural or unblended areas but is incredibly rare among cultured Kaldar and the adventuring class. Those that continue to follow the old ways tend to spurn the gaining of Favors from any god, while the rest of Kaldaran society freely make use of Favors.

Kaldar and Gnomes

The Kaldar still consider Gnomes to be highly respectable and even if a Gnome is not from the same background, the Kaldar typically hail them with the same honor they bestow upon each other, considering them brethren in arms.


Gorbesh also refers to the language of the Alaudian Empire, spoken primarily by the Gorbesh, Kaldar, and the Gnomes.

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