Gorbesh War

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Beginning as early as raids in the year 435 Before Lanival, the Gorbesh began attacking the Seven Star Imperial Fleet, which is defeated. In 418, the Gorbesh overtake the Imperial city of Darkstone and hold it until the year 411, when Gnomish Prophets predict the turn of the Bloodworm Comet and Admiral Xireshi is ordered back to Albaria, where war turns instead against the Shaerek. This marks the pseudo end of the first Gorbesh-Kemorian War.

The Second Gorbesh-Kermorian War that is more often the one referenced by the term Gorbesh War, softly began for the Gorbesh in the year 300 After Lanival(A.L.), when Emperor Faek declares war on Kermoria in an attempt to unite the Alaudian Empire under one cause. The war does not see true action until around 347 A.L. when the Gorbesh arrive in Kermoria undetected and begin taking up flanking positions around cities. A number of fortresses were left behind intact after the conflict.

354 A.L. marks the actual beginnings of the Second Gorbesh-Kermorian War with invasions on the Five Provinces. During the course of the same year, Gorbesh demanded that the Bard Wren be turned over to them. Also during this war the original Crossing Temple was destroyed and the new temple would not be built for many years. Before the end of 355 A.L., Emperor Giesa recalls the Gorbesh invasion force back to Albaria, ending the war. One year later, Kaldar and Gnomic refugees began preparations for the migration that happened one year later.

The majority of information concerning the Gorbesh War can be found on the Albarian Timeline that includes the Gorbesh Imperial Age.