Sorrow War

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A dream that some called delusional. To restore Elanthia to a time of Prosperity it hadn't known since the days of the Empire. To raise up that ancient form of government, with him as its first Emperor.

That's what he said, anyway...

This conflict whose roots began hundreds of years ago. In 359 AL, after years of obscurity, the Moon Mage, Sura Ravenblades, known now to most as Lord Sorrow rose again. With such names as Sidhlot, Prayk, Darkensi, Sadiaer, Bilgrath, Natashya, Tigron, Rordan,Shartug and Parnore among those he employed, this age of Elanthia still finds itself on the lips of many adventurers today. And there are those who claim still that the Lord Sorrow isn't truly dead, but will rise again as he did time and time again.

Location of Major Conflicts

While the majority of the battles in this war occured in Zoluren, specifically in and around the area of Stone Clan and Sorrow's Reach, Riverhaven and the area between the city and the Standing Stones were also ocuppied and saw fierce fighting.

The remains of barricades can still be found all along the Northern Trade Route as far south as Leth Deriel. Attempts to break these barricades were met with hostile resistance and traps. Elpalzi skirmishers and S'lai manned them with burning oil and boulders that they would rain down on anyone who tried to attack the walls.

The final conflict was had at the Standing Stones near Riverhaven in which many were slain and Sorrow and the Magus Prayk were lost.


Sorrow had many allies at his disposal. His armies were made up of the Elpalzi and the S'lai. Among his personal retainers, some sided with him out of necessity or deals struck, such as Darkensi and Prayk. Others were of a more questionable nature.

Recognizing a need to organize, adventurers around Crossing elected a Defense Council that was later expanded to a War Council, composed of representatives from each guild. Among the council were Paschein, Melvi, Piextra, Salvalis, Daython, Garfaldo, Galain, Sneak, Lanthander, Camielia, Soim, Sholana, Mystanya, Kortny, Dritzfury, and Galahant. [1]

Later, Zoluren recognizing the benefit of a standing militia, would recruit commission individuals of talent to Commander status and led the defenders in attacks against the Elpalzi and the S'lai.


Elanthia was changed forever by this war. Remnants of the barricades can still be found in some places, and the mainland armies were kept in service and reorganized. The Elpalzi returned to their homeland, and haven't been seen since. Around Sorrow's Reach, the S'lai still run masterless, attacking any unwary adventurer that wanders down that overgrown path.

And what truly happened at those Standing Stones the day Sorrow lost, remains a mystery to even those who witnessed it.