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Status: Dead
Guild: Unknown
Race: Prydaen
Gender: Male
Associates: Rhue, Felinda

A Prydaen Elder, Balam was one of first of the western races to arrive, along with Felinda, Alydaer, Twil, Abysinnthe, Sunyl and Rhue. He was an expert in the matters of lore and history.

Balam was last seen after returning from a trip to the Great Barrier, and was disoriented and appeared as though he had been in a struggle. He vanished for a time and his whereabouts were unknown until it was revealed by Felinda that he had returned to the Barrier. She followed in an attempt to retrieve him, and both were killed.


Elder Balam Umos-Vi-Taisal, a Prydaen Commoner..
He has pointed ears and cat-slitted milky blue eyes. His grey mane is long and fine, and is worn unkempt. He has black fur, a stub for a tail and an emaciated build. You notice a brand in the form of a triquetra upon his forhead..

archaic for a Prydaen. He is in good shape. He is wearing nothing special..


On the 340th day of 393 (3/25/2009) the following was seen:
* A light streaks across the sky as Balam's soul is returned to the Wheel.
* A light streaks across the sky as Felinda's soul is returned to the Wheel.