Hollow Eve Festival 421

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Opening and Closing Dates

Instance Opens Closes Box Office
Prime Friday, October 28 (37 Arhat 421) Thursday, November 17 (35 Skullcleaver 421) Purchase Tickets
Plat Friday, October 28 (37 Arhat 421) Saturday, November 26 Purchase Tickets
Fallen Tuesday, November 1 (13 Moliko 421) Wednesday, November 9 Purchase Tickets

Corn Maze Passes

As an additional gift for Hollow Eve attendees, players can CLAIM a festive spider pouch with googly eyes containing complimentary passes to the Sleeping Dragon Corn Maze. The number of passes will depend on their ticket level.

Ticket Level Claimed before Sunday night Claimed after Sunday night
Admit 1 6 passes 3 passes
Admit 2 6 passes 3 passes
Admit 3 8 passes 4 passes
Admit 4 10 passes 5 passes
Admit All 12 passes 6 passes

You must CLAIM your passes before midnight EST on Sunday, October 30 to get your bonus passes.

Official Description and Announcement

Official event page

It all started when the stars fell…

Ever since that first ill omen many years ago, the boisterous festivities held in Captain Kurmin's Giant Mechanical Spider have been intertwined with tragedy and horror.

From bloodthirsty necromantic dolls, catastrophic mechanical failures, and mysterious attacks on those who have resisted its Captain, to a myriad of direct interventions from the Dark Immortals themselves – these harrowing events have continued to plague the realms in times surrounding the marvelous contraption's arrival, causing rumors of curses to circulate in their wake.

Are you brave enough to uncover the truth?

Hollow Eve: Secrets of the Spider opens on October 28th!

The event you've waited for all year is just around the corner! Purchase a ticket for Hollow Eve 2016 and get access to:

  • A special gift exclusive to this year's Hollow Eve!
  • Updated shops and games!
  • Free raffles with unique items up to Tier 5 in strength!
  • New and unique items in the coin auction!
  • New adventures and storylines!

Come see what surprises await!

Location and Map


Note: While this event takes place outside of Zoluren, F2P players do not need a Passport to Forfedhdar to attend.

Tasks for Tickets and Items

Events and Gifts

Tentative Merchants


New and Updated Shops

Returning Shops


Note: While the chart below shows what is dropped at each game, each game may drop different things at different rates. One game might be better at dropping crystals than rings, while another might be really good at stones instead of tickets, and so on. Explore and try things to see what works best for your current needs!

name items tickets simple rings ornate rings potency crystals infuser stones
Armadillo Crush
Blood and Gourd X X X X X X
Bobbin' For Bolts X X X
Bobbing for Leeches X X
Boggle Blast X X X X X X
Darkbox X X
Kasine's Gauntlet
Rissan Roulette
Sandbox X
Grave Earth Pile X X X X
Entrail Toss X
Ring Toss
Death From Above X
A Game of Chicken X X X X X
Musical Chairs of Doom X X X X X
Web-filled Harawep shrine X X X X X
Lightning-shrouded Huldah shrine X X X
Tasks X X

New Materials

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