Silken Seams (3)

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Silken Seams
Event Hollow Eve Festival 421
Owner Sheilhya
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Clothing shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Silken Seams, Showroom]
Stained oak panels line the walls, giving the shop a distinctly warmer feel than the metallic corridors beyond the door. Polished brass sconces lend a soft glow to the room overall, while gaethzen lanterns add focused light for the displays. An elegant clavichord with a matching bench stands in the center of the floor, awaiting play by a bard employed for that purpose.
You also see an oak table with several things on it, a tall velvet-wrapped display with several things on it, a spiraling rosewood rack of gowns with several things on it, a series of ebony pegs with several things on it and a carved oak door.
Obvious exits: none.

On the tall velvet-wrapped display
Item Price Done
oceanmist satin scarf of black embroidered with peacock feathers 902,000   
duchess satin wrap of snow white dyed aqua and lilac along the hems 1,082,400   
zerarin wool scarf of stormy grey with silvery fringe 1,082,400   
eolienne wrap of midnight blue clasped with a filigree comet 1,443,200   
On the rosewood rack
Item Price Done
gown of layered gold lace with a sapphire starlight velvet overskirt 1,082,400   
crimson shadesatin gown with a keyhole neckline 1,172,600   
violet oceanmist satin gown with a daring slit skirt 1,082,400   
duchess satin gown of dappled cobalt and emerald 1,172,600   
royal blue Elven silk gown with a long velvet cape 1,172,600   
pale mint satin gown with a ruffled Elven snowlace skirt 1,443,200   
cerulean Gemfire velvet gown laced with diamond dappled ribbons 1,623,200   
On the ebony pegs
Item Price Done
heavy night-blue baladrana lined with golden silk 108,240   !!
heavy dove-grey baladrana lined with midnight blue silk 108,240   !!
heavy black baladrana lined with crimson silk 108,240   !!
heavy violet baladrana lined with moss green silk 108,240   !!
heavy deep blue baladrana lined with silvery silk 108,240   !!
heavy scarlet baladrana lined with emerald silk 108,240   !!
heavy pearly-white baladrana lined with sapphire silk 108,240   !!
heavy forest-green baladrana lined with russet silk 108,240   !!
heavy white baladrana lined with black silk 108,240   !!