This 'N' That (6)

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This 'N' That
Festival Hollow Eve Festival 421
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Clothing shops, Container shops, Jewelry shops, Miscellaneous shops, Toy shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[This 'N' That]
Scraps of yellow, red, blue and green cloth, ranging from roughly spun wool to fine silks, separate this room into quadrants. In several places among the fabrics are bare spots, revealing plain metal walls and ceiling. You also see an exit door, a large board, a green trunk with several things on it, a blue box with several things on it, a red rack with several things on it and a yellow table with several things on it.
Obvious exits: none.

A large board reads:

"These are amateur artisans.  Based on popularity, one may be sponsored to host their own shop with an expanded inventory in the future!  We are excited to announce that our winner last year, ScallyWags, will be opening a shop and we wish them the best of luck.  In the meantime, we welcome our new artisans and welcome back "Superfluous Scarves" who was our runner-upthe second year in a row!"

On the green trunk
Item Price Done
white picnic basket dotted with reddish mushrooms 1,353   
soft cotton shirt with carved mushroom buttons 902   !!
flowing ivory skirt embroidered along the hem with reddish mushrooms among green silk grass 1353   !!
stout blown-glass mushroom charm suspended from a leather cord 451   
plush white-spotted red hat resembling a mushroom cap 135   
A red note reads:
"Mushroom Market"

On the blue box
Item Price Done
pair of brown plush otters connected in an embrace 1,353   
rounded arm pouch crafted to resemble a curled otter 902   !!
gold otter pendant curled around a nacre shell 3157   
slender shucking knife with an otter etched on the grip 2,255   
curved wood cudgel carved to resemble an otter holding a stone 7,216   
A blue page reads:
"Otterly Delightful"

On the red rack
Item Price Done
long multicolored scarf 2,255   
ice-blue scarf knitted with an intricate snowflake pattern 4,510   
brown wool scarf with red bows tied on the ends 2,886   
ratty scarf frayed at one end 451   
charcoal scarf dotted with tiny wool spiders 2,706   
A red card reads:
"Superfluous Scarves"

On the yellow table
Item Price Done
gravestone pin draped with a wreath of tropical blooms 451   
scruffy pale grey death squirrel wearing a colorful silk lei 1,804   
silver fish skeleton earrings with tiny silk buds dangling from the ribs 2,255   
black plush spider wearing a grass skirt 1,804   
ivory skull pendant painted with tropical blooms 4,510   
A yellow parchment reads:
"Tropical Terror"