Tea For Tamsine (2)

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Tea For Tamsine
Event Hollow Eve Festival 421
# of Rooms 3
Store Type Housing shops, Weapon shops, Estate Holder shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Tea For Tamsine, Entrance]
The entrance to this well-lit shop is framed in soft curtains of petalette, the shimmery rose-hued fabric complements the ivory and gold floral pattern that covers the walls. A small table rests next to the small hearth burning brightly in the center of the room, while a gilded drink cart sits in the corner. You also see a carved walnut door painted with dancing teacups.
Obvious exits: east, west.

On the drink cart
Item Price Done
arrangement of cardamom-flavored shortbread cookies 0   
platter of watercress and cucumber sandwiches 0   
aromatic glass pitcher of bergamot-infused black tea 0   
silver pitcher filled with hibiscus tea 0   
plate of petite orange scones glazed with vanilla 0   

Kitchy Kitchens

[Tea For Tamsine, Kitchy Kitchens]
The majority of the floor is covered by a grey and white chevron-striped rug, but along the edges of the room it's possible to make out the polished cherry boards gleaming below. An assortment of kitchen furniture is placed around the brightly lit room, each set to show off the fine craftsmanship that went into its creation.
Obvious exits: east.

A teapot-shaped sign reads:

Some, and only some, of these items are able to store more than the normal amount.

There will be no refunds, buy at your own risk.
Item Price Done
gold-plated bar cart with glass shelves - [general storage] - (25 items) 150,000   
freestanding white pantry with silversteel fittings - [general storage] - (25 items) 450,000   
trio of cascading baskets hung from the ceiling - [general storage]- (26 items) 50,000   
multicolored wood butcher's block - [table] - (25 items) 100,000   
large kitchen island with a polished marble countertop - [table] - (25 items) 100,000   
polished mahogany spice rack filled with exotic seasonings and accoutrement - [wall] - (1 item) 80,000   
iron wall rack dangling a collection of copper pots and pans - [wall] - (1 item) 50,000   
primitive clay oven with a narrow chimney - [fire] 50,000   
convoluted cast iron combination oven - [fire] 160,000   
antiqued box stove with tapered legs - [fire] 150,000   

Tea Time

[Tea For Tamsine, Tea Time]
The faintest whiff of oranges and black tea drifts in to the brightly lit room, the pleasant smell matching the room's interior. Polished cherry floorboards look clean enough to eat off of, not that the proprietor would recommend doing so. A broad black walnut kitchen counter takes up one wall, while a lacquered table sits in the far corner.
Obvious exits: west.

On the walnut table
Item Price Done
tamboti tea chest studded with Drogor's Wrath sapphires - Contains: a rippled blue mistglass teapot fraught with sharks caught in its transparent walls, a cloudy blue windstorm gossamer tea towel, an oceanic blue teacup with a great white shark emerging from its shallow depths and an oceanic blue teacup with a great white shark emerging from its shallow depths. 1,127,500   
gaudy copperwood tea hamper interwoven with spun rainbow ribbons - Contains: an octagonal ceramic teapot painted to resemble a colorful circus tent, a whimsical lion teacup wearing a rainbow sapphire ruff, a blue-green pivuh teacup adorned with rainbow sapphire scales and a spun rainbow tea towel embellished with fanciful images of tightrope walkers. 405,900   !!
gloomwood tea chest webbed in strands of chitinous tomiek - Contains: a a malevolent black teapot crouched upon bristly spectrolite spider legs, a gloomy black tea towel netted witih spidersilk filaments, a matte black teacup with a spectrolite spider menacingly poised on its handle and a matte black teacup with a spectrolite spider menacingly poised on its handle. 541,200   
glossy honey-hued tea hamper woven out of cocobolo - Contains: a floral-spattered teapot with a big fat topaz bumblebee perched on its lid, a hexagonal teacup gilded to resemble slabs of honeycomb, a hexagonal teacup gilded to resemble slabs of honeycomb and a honeycomb-woven tea towel embroidered with bee balm blossoms. 90,200   !!
Ilithic applewood tea basket lined with porcine pink marblesilk - Contains: a porcelain teapot cast in the shape of a beatifically grinning pig, a porcine pink marblesilk tea towel embroidered with silver-winged swine, a dainty porcelain teacup painted with dancing piglets and a dainty porcelain teacup painted with dancing piglets. 315,700   !!
blood-varnished spiritwood tea chest hinged with articulated phalanges - Contains: a grotesque teapot shaped like an anatomically correct heart, a flimsy black tea towel trimmed with bloodlace, a ghostly white teacup encapsulated in a misshapen cage of rib bones and a ghostly white teacup encapsulated in a misshapen cage of rib bones. 3,157,000   !!
On the kitchen counter
Item Price Done
gleaming copper pot - LT/LB Weapon 45,100   
slightly dented teapot - LT/LB Weapon 45,100   
cast iron teacups - LT/LB Weapon 45,100   
enameled blue pot lid - Small Shield 45,100   
large engraved wooden spoon - Parry Stick 45,100   
glossy platter composed of multiple woods - Small Shield 45,100