Obscure Memories (5)

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Obscure Memories
Event Hollow Eve Festival 421
# of Rooms 2
Store Type Weapon shops, Clothing shops, Container shops, General shops, Jewelry shops, Miscellaneous shops, Toy shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Obscure Memories, Entry]
The low flickering of a single lantern hanging from a hook embedded in the metal ceiling sheds little light over this tiny room. A small round table with spindly legs stands near a heavy black curtain that leads deeper into the shop.
You also see a web-covered stool with a couple of things on it and an exit door.
Obvious exits: none.

On the round table
Item Price Done
blackened dagger etched with silvery cobwebs 541   No
dark tinderbox 135   No
On the web-covered stool
Item Price Done
oddly shaped black flint 103   No
elaborately braided torch 67   No

Need a light source for this room

[Obscure Memories, Sales Room]
Heavy black curtains envelop the room, blocking out every bit of light that could possibly penetrate the shop. A silver chandelier, devoid of candles, hangs from the dark metal ceiling, with tiny crystal stars dangling from each of its arms.
You also see a souvenir counter with several things on it, a silvery spidersilk net, a black rack with several things on it, a black basket, a dark mannequin with a few things on it, a black table with several things on it and a heavy black curtain.
Obvious exits: none.

On the souvenir counter
Item Price Done
black velvet rosette wrapped in a delicate silver lace cobweb 1,804   No
dark shadesatin rosette set with a gloomwood medallion 1,804   No
cotton shopping sack appliqued with a felt spider 541   !!
dark silk shopping sack edged with bloodlace 90,200   !!
dark silk cloak edged with bloodlace 270,600   No
In the spidersilk net
Item Price Done
wooden ale bottles 270   !!
elaborately carved ebony spiders 451   !!
goofy pumpkins 180   !!
In the black basket
Item Price Done
silver party cracker 100   No

On the dark mannequin
Item Price Done
long dark robe with a gauzy cobweb overlay 44,198   !!
flowing white robe covered with a repeating pattern of black spiders 40,590   !!
starlight velvet robe with a delicate night diamond clasp 1,127,500   !!
On the black table
Item Price Done
charcoal grey jodhpurs with black velvet along the outer seams 4,690   !!
dark thigh pouch with a delicate silver cobweb overlay 669   No
polished platinum ring set with a cambrinth spider 15,027   No
fuzzy black spider doll with big googly-eyes 577   No
ruddy iron amulet engraved with odd symbols 676   No
pumpkin orange satchel with a leafy green strap 1,172   !!
fuzzy spider hat with eight dangling legs 360   !!