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Black metal with a chitinous appearance once worked. Thought to be related to the bio-magical-mechanical transformations of the Massive Arachnid. Considered sacred to Harawep.

Etymology: deceit in Gorbesh.

Must be provided for alterations.


Hardness Durability Workability Elect Thermal Physical Ductility Capacity Density Value
80 45 40 35 55 70 80 75 5.0 Hollow Eve Task Rewards, Tomiek Exchange

ItemSource isRare item
Acicular tomiek fascinator swathed in twilight purple Elven laceHollow Eve Festival 425/Rafflestrue
Arcing spray of bright yellow winter jasmine dotted with tiny svelae dewdropsTildi's Blooms (4)true
Black seasilk repair case with impressive tomiek spikesSiegery Shop (5)true
Blackened target shield displaying a metallochitin tomiek-iguji broodlingSpider Cagetrue
Bloodwood walking cane topped with a tomiek coyote's headHollow Eve Festival 428/Rafflestrue
Bloodwood walking cane topped with a tomiek crow's headHollow Eve Festival 428/Rafflestrue
Brilliant orange wood shaper with an amber handleSkyward Crafting (4)Skyward Crafting (5)Skyward Crafting (6)Skyward Crafting (7)Skyward Crafting (8)true
Broken orlog charm with a face of deep green anjisisAhreusse's Atelier (3)Ahreusse's Atelier (4)true
Bulbous tomiek drawknife fashioned to resemble a fleeing octopusSkyward Crafting (4)Skyward Crafting (5)Skyward Crafting (6)Skyward Crafting (7)true
Carved tomiek sackbut detailing the life of SorrowWhimsical Winds (4)true
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