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Limited Treasures
Event Hollow Eve Festival 421
Owner Sammeli
# of Rooms 2
Store Type Unknown
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Limited Treasures, Lounge]
Plush white carpet covers the floor from wall to wall, contrasting with the dark polished metal that creates them. A pair of overstuffed black chairs sit to either side of a long charcoal-hued couch covered in throw pillows. More pillows of various colors are scattered upon the floor giving customers a choice for seating. A silversteel door stands across the room from a curtained archway of the same metal.
Obvious exits: none.

[Limited Treasures, Sales Floor]
Polished to a gleam, dark metal covers the walls, ceiling, and floor save for a spot in the very center of the room where a silversteel stand sits upon a white velvet rug trimmed in silver. A steel candle-covered chandelier is suspended exactly above it, the lights glimmering across all the metal surfaces. You also see a curtained silversteel archway.
Obvious exits: none.

On a silversteel stand (SOLD OUT)
Item Price Done
airy strapless spun rainbow ballgown encircled by a band of rainbow sapphires - Contains: an exquisite mistglass tiara gloriously curved into a brilliant rainbow sapphire arc and a pair of delicately arched dancing slippers in resplendent spun rainbow 1,262,800   !!
austere steely blue kimono cut to display a Longleaf lotusweave under-robe - Contains: an elaborate stormy grey windsteel shesegri ring strewn with lightning amethysts, and a ascetic dragonwood meditation bench. 3,608,000   
bat-eared clockwork puppy wearing animated wings 4,510,000   !!
bespoke teal blue moonspun silk tailcoat cut to emphasize the male physique - Contains: some sleek sapphire blue diamond-hide shoes tied with like-toned laces and some stylishly tailored misty grey starlight velvet trousers. 2,706,000   
black gold keepsake box inlaid with a lilac moonsilver infinity knot - Contains: an elegant black gold eternity ring wrapped in strands of luminous moonsilver, an elegant black gold eternity band wrapped in strands of luminous moonsilver and a black gold key 15,604,600   !!
blackened orichalcum ferroniere dappled with blood rubies 1,217,700   
breathtaking classically-styled tutu composed of iridescent peacock feathers - Contains: an iridescent blue spun glitter bodice flamboyantly feathered with peacock plumes and a regal peacock mask feathered with iridescent blue and green plumage. 13,981,000   !!
clockwork clown holding a bottle of booze 1,353,000   !!
clockwork fainting goat sporting riveted goggles 2,255,000   
crimson stura atulave prayer beads swathed with spidersilk 8,118,000   
cumbersome dragonar infinity scarf shaded in rich autumnal hues - Contains: a heavy vardite coffee mug stamped with the image of a regal dragon's head and a shapeless marled knit sweater draped over a long flannel shirt 1,804,000   
cute silversteel lunchbox featuring glistening merlot ruby strawberries - Contains: a ruffled organdy pinafore layered over a strawberry pink dress with puffed sleeves, some green and white striped bloomers with crisp organdy ruffles and a silversteel key 2,706,000   
dark bluefire velvet corset laced over a white peasant blouse with puff sleeves - Contains: a wide sky blue organza tutu adorned with tiny white satin flowers and some sky blue satin dancing slippers with long winding ribbons 902,000   !!
dark thornweave messenger bag with weathered onyx-hide straps - Contains: some tailored bluefire velvet trousers accented with silveress piping, an argyle sweater vest over a Velakan linen shirt with neatly turned sleeves and a pair of buckled suede loafers stitched in tonal threads. 4,149,200   !!
deeply v-cut silveress bodice accentuated with luminous rivertears - Contains: an enchanting bell-shaped tutu composed of swan feather and silveress layers, and some silver satin dancing slippers with long winding ribbons. 3,608,000   No
demure heliotrope orchid mantis 1,353,000   
e'erdream curio box latched by a silversteel fairy - Contains: an whimsical patchwork blanket in shades of blue and green, and a furniture voucher. 27,601,200   !!
elaborate dragonwood lunchbox covered in sungold flames - Contains: a sungold key, an elegant lotusweave napkin fringed with wispy spun glitter filaments, a gilded glass decanter brimming with sungold-flecked honey liqueur, a rabbit-shaped sandwich filled with peanut butter and strawberry jam, a rack of barbecued ribs perfectly glazed with tangy sauce, some cubes of crispy fried potatoes, a cup of fire rain tequila, some spicy chicken wings, a golden apple and a mug of odd multicolored ale 19,393,000   No
fitted whisperlayne bodice with delicate arm ruffles - Contains: an ethereal whisperlayne tutu of pale fluttery layers, and some pale satin dancing slippers with long winding ribbons. 5,908,100   
flowing windstorm gossamer khandur edged in spiraling moonsilver embroidery - Contains: some stormy grey leather thigh boots cinched by lilac moonsilver buckles and a twisted lilac moonsilver band wrapped around an uncut rivertear 17,318,400   
fossilized adan'f skull inset with a pair of crimson moonsilver orbs - Contains: a twisted staff of fossilized spiritwood limned in blackened moonsilver, and some blackened moonsilver rings threaded with fossilized bone beads. 4,059,000   
fragile feather wings draped in strands of icesteel 7,667,000   No
glorious winterweave ballgown heightened by a dramatic snowflake tulle collar - Contains: an ethereal snowflake tulle veil scattered with wintry ice sapphires and a fragile pair of winterweave dancing slippers with frozen ice sapphire heels 1,894,200   !!
haralun mesh fascinator entwined with coils of melir and negeri blossoms 3,157,000   No
layered gamantang of lavish blue gold spun glitter eclipsing somber dergatine - Contains: a diaphanous tail drape of shadowy marquisette swept with blue gold stars and a draping uaro's'sugi of starless black dergatine edged in vibrant spun glitter 10,327,900   No
long-legged muracite stick insect 4,510,000   
mahogany brown goat mask topped with spiraling horns of alerce 2,255,000   
makeshift steam-powered grass eel launcher 451,000   
malevolent black tomiek ferroniere wrapped in withered strands of vela'tohr vines 631,400   
miniature hunting preserve within a grassland maze 45,100   No
modest and respectable rosecloth gown delicately tinted a feminine shade of lilac - Contains: a full-length lilac rosecloth bloomers trimmed with shireli lace and a prim rosecloth bonnet framed with scads and scads of shireli lace 1,353,000   
moss green thornweave khandur closed by sungold-capped toggles - Contains: an emerald-pierced wraithheart captured in a sungold cage, and a pair of dark brown boots secured by a series of sungold buckles. 46,344,760   !!
nightmare black top hat with a single playing card stuck in the shadesatin band 676,500   
octagonal casket made of iroko wood aged to a dark brown hue - Contains: a slender key with an octagonal grip made from a faceted night diamond and a labyrinthine tomiek aggahhpel twined with square-cut night diamonds 6,990,500   No
opulent Longleaf lotusweave kimono trailing lavishly embroidered sleeves - Contains: a labyrinthine e'erdream shesegri ring flecked with orchid stura atulaves and a plump wisteria lotusweave meditation cushion embraced within lush vines 4,510,000   No
pair of black kertig snakes coiled into a wristcuff 902,000   
pair of goblin shamans wielding large glowing wands 1,353,000   No
pair of sharp-heeled onyx-hide boots accented with pale bloodlace - Contains: a funereal black marquisette veil 902,000   No
pale blue mistglass ferroniere bearing a luminous rivertear 315,700   No
patched satin pouch barely held together with a twist of tarnished silver - Contains: an open audrualm promise ring set with a series of cracked pitch pearls 496,100   !!
patched silk pouch barely held together with a twist of pitted platinum - Contains: a convoluted oath band wrought from jagged tyrium 1,894,200   No
patched velvet pouch barely held together with a twist of faded gold - Contains: a tortuous silversteel bonding ring riven by a dusky grey wraithheart 1,353,000   No
peculiar sungold firefly with glimmering stripes 13,530,000   
plunging spun glitter bodice with silver appliqued bias-cut plum panels - Contains: some plum satin dancing slippers with long winding ribbons and a plum spun glitter pancake tutu swagged with orchid alexandrite droplets 1,713,800   
ravishing bright golden spun glitter nuptial gown with a skimpy tulle skirt - Contains: a midnight black spun glitter garter trimmed in fragile bloodlace, and some peep-toe apple green spun glitter slippers with slender translucent heels. 7,847,400   !!
rectangular goldweave blanket textured to resemble a toasted graham cracker - Contains: a cozy pair of marblesilk pajamas swirled in white and chocolate hues and a plump marshmallow pillow of creme chenille 451,000   No
rumpled satin pouch cinched with frayed ribbons - Contains: an iridescent iahja crystal sliver, a scintillating erythraean cabochon and a resplendent animite engagement ring marred by an empty tension setting. 1,713,800   
segmented black riftstone centipede with blood ruby jaws 1,353,000   
silky atulave cobweb spider guarding an aeschelich egg sac 135,300   
slim aldamalm wood coffer banded in orichalcum - Contains: an asymmetrical set of orichalcum por'nidrel and sur'nidrel and a tiny orichalcum key suspended from an ornate fob 1,804,000   No
sophisticated sungold ferroniere flaunting a scintillating merlot ruby 19,393,000   No
sumptuous starlight velvet sleeping slacks - Contains: a luxurious starlight velvet pajama top scattered with nightfire opals and a midnight black starlight velvet bedroll pinstriped in silky bands of silver 6,178,700   No
sweeping starlight velvet robe tinged in twilight blue to black hues - Contains: a small regal puppy with large dark eyes and long silky black and white fur and a gracefully sculpted diamondwood broom with glittery tapered bristles 2,435,400   
tawny gold fur breeches ending in a pair of cloven-toed goat hooves - Contains: some lustrous glitvire pan-pipes interwoven with spun glitter ribbons and a whiskey brown satyr mask crowned with massive ivory goat horns. 1,353,000   
threadbare satin pouch tied with tattered ribbons - Contains: a bold chartreuse stura atulave, a tiny faceted ulhari prism and a lavish black Elven gold wedding ring surmounted by an empty setting 3,157,000   !!
treasureweave skirt quilted in a fantastical rainbow of colors 4,059,000   
vivid iahja lynx spider dappled with obsidian spikes 4,510,000   
wrought icesteel lavaliere clasping a frosty blue rivertear droplet 1,804,000