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The Musiceum
Event Hollow Eve Festival 417, Hollow Eve Festival 421
Owner Kouzan Teirtu
# of Rooms 2
Store Type Music shops, Container shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[The Musiceum, Orchestral Manoeuvres]
Dark sable velvet drapery has been hung from ceiling to wall, swathing the room in near blackness. The darkness is staved off completely by several gaethzen globes hung by near invisible wire that have been carefully positioned over the display cases to allow the wares for sale to be seen clearly. Nestled between the swathes of cloth, cases and instrument tools have been hung on pegboards to show them off to their best advantage.
You also see an ornate gold door and a large willow counter.
Obvious exits: northeast.

On the grey velvet tray (which is on a large willow counter)
Item Price Done
orichalcum clarinet with pitch pearl keys 225,500   
glossy cocobolo clarinet with brass keys 9,020   
polished alerce clarinet with lumium keys 315,700   
plain white oak clarinet with gold keys 8,569   
On the black velvet tray (which is on a large willow counter)
Item Price Done
pale willow piccolo with oval nacre keys 67,650   
black ironwood piccolo with silver keys 8,569   
etched glass piccolo with delicate gold keys 270,600   
polished silversteel piccolo with blackened steel keys 270,600   
On the red velvet tray (which is on a large willow counter)
Item Price Done
ilomba hautbois set with rounded aoustone keys 180,400   
iroko hautbois with oravir keys 947,100   
smokewood hautbois with palladium keys 685,520   
red oak hautbois with gold keys 13,530   
On the small ebonwood shelf
Item Price Done
dark green muracite triangle 496,100   
silvery-white oravir triangle 5,051   
icesteel triangle 315,700   
shiny silversteel triangle 270,600   
polished platinum triangle 49,610   
matte steel triangle 22,550   
On the large oak shelf
Item Price Done
rustic silverbirch tabor secured with silver tension rope 4,961   !!
lustrous lacewood tabor secured with red tension rope 4,961   
plain peregan tabor 2,796   
glossy flamewood tabor 27,060   
On the haon display case
Item Price Done
polished silversteel viol with a pitch pearl fingerboard 315,700   
pale holly bass viol inlaid with onyx and topaz eels 22,550   
bone-flecked khor'vela bass viol 405,900   
plain orangewood bass viol painted with purple lemurs 87,494   
On the beechwood display case
Item Price Done
polished darkspine viola with a tyrium fingerboard 2,255,000   
smooth kapok viola with a fingerboard of crushed alshabi stone 405,900   
lustrous flame maple viola with gold tuning pegs 67,650   
plain lelori viola with an e'erdream fingerboard 101,024   
silver maple viola with nomlas-shaped tuning pins 67,650   
On the white oak pegboard
Item Price Done
silversteel pick 586,300   
steel pick 1,353   
polished azurelle instrument bow 16,236   
polished glaes instrument bow 315,700   
drum stick made of birch 81   
red oak drum stick 81   
wiirwood drum stick that has been painted black 81   
rich brown instrument bow made of iroko 10,869   
polished peregan instrument bow 7,216   
matte steel instrument bow 4,510   
On the black oak pegboard
Item Price Done
medium black leather case 6,765   
small black leather case 6,765   
harp case of scaly adderwood - 15 x 10 x 5 (1,000 stones) 496,100   
On the ironwood display case
Item Price Done
avodire violincello painted with tiny pivuh 13,530   
aldamalm violincello inlaid with strips of niello 76,670   
carved gloomwood violincello 721,600   
polished anli violincello with gold tuning pegs 72,160   
plain tamarind violincello with an ebonwood fingerboard 8,569   

[The Musiceum, Amber Room]
Set up in an octagonal shape, this room has been fitted with amber panels throughout. Behind each panel, light has been set up to allow the amber to glow like a warm fire as well as highlighting the tiny bubbles and animals trapped within. Ornate gold hardware secures each panel to the next, blending almost seamlessly with the tawny-hue of the paneling.
Three gaethzen globes suspend above the empty room, while a large hanging sign has been strung up to rest immediately below the middle globe.
Obvious exits: southwest.

A large hanging sign reads:

~Limited Stock.  Instruments from Tog Culture given the Kouzan Teirtu touch.  No Refunds.~

On the ornate marble pedestal
Item Price Done
dragonwood crumhorn inlaid with slivers of aeschelich 1,860,375   
On the plain marble pedestal
Item Price Done
albarco balalaika set with smoke rubies along the fretboard 1,578,500   
On the fluted marble pedestal
Item Price Done
aoustone-inlaid zingana kalungu with treasureweave tension cords 4,059,000