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Status: Alive
Guild: Barbarian
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Location: Wolf Clan (Ranik Map 5)
Relatives: Wolfjaw, Cormyn


Suza is the daughter of Cormyn, the owner of the Crossing's pawn shop, Cormyn's House of Heirlooms. In 320 She was abducted by Knife Clan Gor'Togs and rescued by Wolfjaw Ironbeard, Wolf Clan chieftain. They were later married. She appears to have a protective wolf, Kenai, as a pet.

Note written by Suza to her father, Cormyn: Father - You cannot sway me. I am committed to my life here and to my husband. I've no need for your riches, when I have a wealth here that is beyond your understanding. Please try to accept this.
Signed, your daughter Suza.


The Human Barbarian female is tall, and moves with a regal bearing. Her delicate features provide an interesting contrast to the independent, defiant look in her eyes. The loose-fitting doeskin tunic and pants that she wears accentuate her lithe, athletic body. Long, glossy, chestnut-brown hair is pulled away from her face in a casual braid down her back, with occasional stray tendrils curling over her forehead and cheeks. A suede armband with a silver wolf medallion marks her as the elder wife of the clan.

Painting found in Cormyn's House of Heirlooms:
The portrait shows a lovely young Human woman with long, glossy chestnut-brown hair that hangs loose over her shoulders. Her features are delicately small, but her eyes shine with a defiant independence. She is clothed in an ivory antique lace dress.


This large female wolf is covered with thick, soft fur of grey, black and white. Her pale blue eyes glow with a cunning intelligence. Her body is strong and muscular, and you can see the remains of a very old scar running across her back and down her right foreleg. She stays protectively close to Suza, and glares at you with intense suspicion whenever you move too near the Human female.