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Status: Historical Figure
Guild: Bard
Race: Elothean
Gender: Male
Type: ferdahl
Relatives: Corik (father}, Kukalakai (daughter)

Ferdahl Alec the Phoenix reunited the Elothean houses during the time of the Dragon Priest Empire and eventually kicked the Dragon Priests out of Ilithi.

During his reign, Alec rebuilt Shard and established the Gondola with the help of Queen Morganae of the Mountain Elves. He also created the Emerald Knights after announcing a competition, which was won by Ptera, who became their first leader.

Alec claimed to be the son of the previous Ferdahl, Corik, who had disappeared nearly 200 years earlier. Alec was succeeded by his daughter Kukalakai the Black-Eyes.

Timeline (one version)

50 BL Alec the Phoenix takes on the leadership of the Elotheans


256 AV The Mage of Storms returns to Shard, and is killed. His stormcloud remains over Dertalriosh Endaertheal'a
266 AV"died::" can not be assigned to a declared number type with value 266. Ferdahl Alec the Phoenix dies. The Three declare a twenty-five year period of mourning

Timeline (another version)

290 Reign of Kukalakai the Black-Eyes begins
died::290"died::" can not be assigned to a declared number type with value 290. Death of Ferdahl Alec the Phoenix
250 Shard cut off from the world
250 Morganae's daughter is murdered
22 Last DP faction "conquered," and merchant families form the new ruling council of Qi'Reshalia
20 Gondola to Shard established
-1 Dzree dies
-1 Dzree's death sends DP hierarchy into chaos
-2 Alec appears, claiming to be Corik's son

Excerpt from Elothean Studies

Unable to keep a hold of the realms they had claimed, the Dragon Priests' "empire" began to collapse in on itself as surely as the Empire of the Seven-Pointed Star had. Seeing an opening, Alec -- claiming to be the son of Corik after he had gone into exile -- rallied the miserable Eloths and staged a lightning-like coup that routed the Priests out of the Eloth capital. Replacing himself to the throne and restoring the Houses to their proper places in the Eloth hierarchy, Alec reformed and resettled the Eloth lands, proclaiming for once and for all that, "...war shall no longer be a part of the Elothean philosophy."

Excerpts from Shard Histories

Shard was a city born not once, but twice. First by the hand of Morganae and Corik, and again under the supervision of Alec in his final years.

Alec was a figure of whom little was known. Claiming to be Corik's son -- and never speaking the name of his mother -- he rallied the Elothean people, struck a new peace with the Mountain Elves, and routed the remaining Dragon Priests from Shard. He then set about rebuilding the city with an iron fist. Supported by the Elven Council and most especially Morganae -- who has been called the "true ruler" of the Elven people, if only from the shadows of her silver throne -- he managed to set much of Shard back to order before his death and the rise of his daughter, Kukalakai.

During Alec's time, he confirmed and supported a group of Humans who moved to his region, a mixture of Rangers and rogue Paladins who named themselves "Shadow Clan". Gruff and unforgiving, the clan is the only thing that keeps at bay the Black Hand and the horrors it contains.

During the first fifty years of his rule, Alec established a gondola over a chasm that split Ilithi from the Mountain Elves. For over one hundred years it served the people -- transporting Elves and Elotheans between Zoluren and Ilithi. It was the task of the Mountain Elves to keep the pass where the gondola was located clear and free of danger.

Artwork & Items

Steelclaw Clan Bust

Found in the Shard Room of the Kirm Morzindu:

The marble bust shows a noble-looking Elothean man, and the base bears the inscription, "Alec, Builder and Rebuilder". The rim of its pedestal is carved to resemble cables, with cable cars depending from them on either side.

Vaalrin House Painting

Found in the taproom of the Ilithi-citizen building in Shard:

Hung securely upon the wall above the fireplace is an old oil painting of Ferdahl Alec, the Phoenix. He gazes regally back down upon those that look up at his features, an expression of self-assurance on his face.

A silver lotus medallion bearing the visage of Ferdahl Alec

The medallion depicts the seventeenth Ferdahl as a supremely wise-looking man in the classical Elothean style.