Chyolvea Tayeu'a

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Province: Ilithi
Currency: Dokora
Population: Unknown
Established: Unknown
Alternate Names: None
Dominant Race: None
Dominant Guild: Warrior Mage
Government: None
Guild Halls: Warrior Mage
Patron Deity: None
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Chyolvea Tayeu'a is an ancient fortress in the highest pass of the Dragon Spine Mountains. Though abandoned for centuries it has recently been reclaimed by the Warrior Mage Guild and the Guild Leader Augrym. Description: Situated at the highest pass of the Dragon Spine Mountains, this lonely fortress remains aloof from the rest of civilization. Few people know the way there. Fewer know the secrets it harbors within.

Beneath the fortress is a hive of insectoid creatures known as the Vykathi.
Vykathi Builder
Vykathi Excavator
Vykathi Harvester
Vykathi Reaper
Vykathi Soldier

Map of the fortress: RanikMap64a