Arthe Dale

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Province: Zoluren
Currency: Kronar
Population: 25,000
Established: 79 A.V.
Alternate Names: None
Dominant Race: Halfling
Dominant Guild: None
Government: None
Guild Halls: None
Patron Deity: None



Arthe Dale is a Halfling village on the Northern Trade Route north of The Crossing. Arthe Dale is best known for its popular hang-out at the pastoral Greensward and Swimming Hole. Arthe Dale was founded in the Year 79 After Victory by Daffleberry Tanglefoot, who's ancestors still live in a house at the north end of town. His story can be read in Arthe Dale Tale. Glythtide is the patron god of the town. Description: The quaint village of Arthe Dale is a refuge for Halflings just north of the Crossing, where the air is sweet with the scent of taffelberries and the sound of laughter.

People or things that are from, or made in, Arthe Dale are Dalesian. An example would be Dalesian white wine.

Government, history, and background

Government type

Village policy decisions are discussed over tarts and enacted after an informal show of hands.

Prominent people


Locations about town


Unique shops and services

Trader Commodity Pit and Outpost


Bars, inns, and taverns

Arthe Hollow Inn

Prominent hangouts

  • Along that path, you can also pick the following free foods:

Important activities

Arthe Dale Concert and Performing Series

The Arthe Dale Concert and Performing Series has been hosted at the Arthe Hollow Inn almost every month since December 2000. The series is run by Bard of great renown, Daerlynn. The series celebrated its 100th concert and 5th real-life year of production on December 2, 2005. In the summer of 2007, the series went on hiatus.

On October 22, 2021, The Arthe Dale Concert and Performing Series returned, being presented by The Arthe Repertory Team (TART), a performing group formed by Daerlynn and based in Arthe Dale.


The nearest favors can be obtained by traditional Favor Orbs in the Siergelde Ruins out the West Gate of The Crossing. They can be redeemed in The Crossing Temple.

Task givers

Task Giver Location Task Types
None Currently





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