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The Dark Hand is a large necromantic wasteland in and beyond Southern Ilithi, created by Dragon Priests as a breeding ground for the Adan'f and other foul experiments. It has since grown out of control and even consumed its masters. The Hand was pushed back by the Emerald Knights in the time of Ferdahl Alec. The Hand has been kept at bay by Paladins and Rangers upon Corik's Wall, as well as the Shadow Clan within the forest.

The Dark Hand is often referred to as the "demon forest", though it also encompasses mountains and other terrain types. In addition to the myriad corrupted fauna and flora it contains, it is said that the land itself is alive; a malevolent, insurmountable force that singlehandedly felled Kermoria's greatest fortress: HighHold. The Dark Hand is among the most concentrated locales of unnatural corruption, rivaled only by the Zaulfung ("devil swamp").


  • 195 BL -- The Dark Hand is created in South Ilithi/Adamantia, destroying the land. HighHold is isolated.
  • 158 BL -- HighHold is destroyed by its isolation and the Dark Hand.

In Gorbesh History

  • 156 BL -- Patrols along the northern Alaudian border report seeing a 'land of living death' stretching southward toward Adamantia and HighHold. Emperor Elmevos sends several High Priests north to investigate the sightings.
  • 155 BL -- The High Priests are able to stem the tide of the Dark Hand. Dozens of scouts are sent into the now dark and blackened land, none return.
  • 149 BL -- Concerned over the Dark Hand across the bridge to the north, and the dangers that might lie within, Emperor Xosiun calls for an elite military force to be created. The Outriders are established.
  • 304 AV -- Outriders along with several Kaldaran Elders are sent into the Dark Hand to ascertain if it is crossable.
  • 305 AV -- The Outriders and Elders return confirming a dangerous, but managable passage through the Dark Hand.
  • 315 AV -- Emperor Knuaja commands the Northern and Imperial Armies north, through the Dark Hand.
  • 317 AV -- The Northern and Imperial Army under the command of General Alaushi continue their perilous journey across the Dark Hand, eventually reaching the ruins of HighHold.
  • 356 AV -- Kaldaran Elders return to their people in the West with knowledge of how to pass the Dark Hand.

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