Tiger Clan

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Province: Zoluren
Currency: Kronar
Population: 9,000
Established: 320 AV
Dominant Race/Guild: Gor'Tog
Governing Individual: Ortug Borthgar
Guild Halls: None
Clan Colors: Gold and Black
Clan Emblem: Tiger
Warnings: Steal from Tiger Clan and lose your hand (or head).


Tiger Clan is a small community of Gor'Togs situated on the Segoltha River in the farmlands outside the West Gate of The Crossing. Much of the population works as either farmers or caravan guards. As do most Gor'Togs, these villagers love Togball and have their own Togball team, the Tiger Clan Chohmpers.

Play.net Description: Tiger Clan is a small village inhabited by Gor'Togs who were either strong enough to fight off local goblins or just not bright enough to notice them in the area. Of local interest is a large mansion that houses the clan's chief. It was built prior to the village around it and few remain that can tell the story of its creation.

Government, History, and Background

Government Type

The clan is headed by a clan leader. The current leader is also the clan's founder, the Gor'Tog Ortug, the peaceful brother of Trog, leader of Knife Clan.

Prominent People


Tiger Clan has a short history since it was only founded in 320 AV. The clan was founded by Ortug when he split away from his more violent brother Trog, leader of the Knife Clan. The event that instigated the split was a failed raid on the caravan of Suza Cormyn as described in A Tale of Two Clans. As a result of the event Havor had his tongue cut out by Trog, was subsequently found and rescued by the midwife Neesa, and both Havor and Neesa joined Ortug in founding the new Tiger Clan. Ortug also gained respect for Humans through the demonstration of Suza's courage. This respect paved the way to trade between Tiger Clan and The Crossing.

During the Outcast War Tiger Clan was briefly occupied by the Outcast army, but was soon freed by warriors from nearby Crossing.

Little has changed in Tiger Clan since its founding and Ortug is still the clan's leader.

Recently, in a long delayed Togball match between Tiger Clan and Knife Clan, Knife Clan took the coveted trophy.

Locations About Town



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Bars, Inns, and Taverns

Important Activities


Albreda grants favors in the Tiger Clan church.


Clerics seeking Murrula's Flames should speak with Father Karjon in the church.



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Home of Togball team Tiger Clan Chohmpers.